Shovel Guilt. And hello Mr. Lincoln....and a few pics

northtexasdude(7b)April 28, 2012

Today I shoveled 2 unknown roses. Actually, since they were in containers I just turned them over. These were body bags that I think the rootstock had taken over. At any rate I felt terribly guilty for throwing these in the dumpster. I mean, they weren't the roses I wanted (single, white bloom with no fragrance), but there were living. So I got in my car and figured I needed to find a rose and lift my spirits. I went to a store that never has garden plants, but had a make-shift greenhouse in the parking lot. WELL lucky day! They had Mr. Lincoln with a bloom on it... no hoping that I got the rose I paid for this time! I little powdery mildew was not going to stop from buying this. So now even though I threw away two root stocks, I now have a new rose to be excited about. I drenched the plant in my home-brew that takes care of mildew/blackspot/aphids in my garden, threw a banana peal in it's pot, and here is to hoping all goes well.

I've been complaining a lot about my mislabeled roses... so here is something cheery... Julia Child and Easy Does It put out some beautiful blooms this week. Thanks for looking!

BTW - if anyone has a pic of a Mr. Lincoln, please post! I would love to see how an established bush looks!

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rosetom(7 Atl)

See if this link works for you:

There are lots of pics to look at and some with a decent shot of the leaves and some of the bush. Keep in mind, though, that Red is very hard for people to capture correctly in digital photos - it was quite a topic of dicussion here several years ago. Most pics without a researched technique on how to shoot red turn out hot pink or magenta.

Refer to the photos in that link by "Organic Garden - Honeybee Roses" and "Dave Bang." It looks to me like those two photographers capture the true look of a Mister Lincoln rose.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

Northtexasdude..May I ask what your home brew is? I need one, I am depressed with the black spot, cucumber beetles, and the fact that I released a carton of ladybugs yesterday and this evening only saw one ladybug and numerous cucumber beetles! I'm here in northtexas too!

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ilovemyroses - some frown upon home brews, but I don't like spraying real chemicals... so a friend gave me this recipe and it has worked for me for 5 years now. In a spray bottle (like an old windex bottle that has been completely cleaned out) I put a few drops of liquid dish soap, and about a teaspoon of white vinegar and fill it up with water. When the sun is not shining on the roses I spray where needed, especially under the leaves where aphids hide. I can say since I started doing this i have never had a blackspot outbreak, although there has been a leaf here and there that is affected. My unscientific theory is that the vinegar does something to the ph of the leaf helping reduce blackspot and kill powdery mildew. the dish soap kills aphids by drying out their skin (or whatever it is). I do this when the sun is not shining on the bushes because in the past the sun plus the spray can cause new growth to burn. All in all this works for me, but may not for others. I don't like chemicals, as I don't want to harm bees, birds etc that may come to the roses. Unfortunately this doesn't do anything for June Bugs (Japanese Beatles).
I am a cheapo, so I actually use water and vinegar mixture as a general cleaner around the house as well (with no dish soap).
I started using this mixture on my roses after one summer where nearly every rose of mine lost its leaves to blackspot. My neighbor suggested I start doing it. I get a small thrill out of spraying the leaves and then looking at them the next day and seeing all the aphids turned black. :)

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

I'll try it. Aphids are nill, now. Had some earlier in spring, now these darned green ladybug looking things, cucumber beetles?? Every rose has a few! More on lighter rose. And the black spot is bad.

Do you have these green bugs?

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I have had a big decrease in aphids since I started planting society garlic here and there next to the roses.

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Do you think that society garlic would work near Milkweed, too? Those are my aphid hot spots. Thanks!! Christy

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Sounds like a good mixture-----I don't like chemicals---


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I don't spray anything and my aphids have all gone away also. I attributed that to the arrival of beneficial insects that gobble them up (plus my earlier efforts at using my thumb and fingers to efface the critters). I don't think in most cases that they stick around all season if you don't spray them. Nature has a way of balancing things out--and provides the natural "cure" for aphid infestations.


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