Changing the Code on Craftman Garage Door Opener and Remote

ddgreen51April 18, 2006

Please help. I have a repairman coming in one week that will cost a min. of $70 and if I can figure out the problem before than I would appreciate it. I have a Craftman 1/2 hp. Opener Model: 139.53515SR The Remote is model # 139.5377B It has 9 pins inside it that can be moved up or down. The opener has a white "Learn" button on it with a red LED light next to it. If anyone knows how I can fix this. The battery is good, but the opener doesn't work. I had a foster son that messed with the pins inside the remote and they are all in the same position. I don't know if this means anything or not.



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You can move those pins to any position you prefer or just leave them as they are. Press and hold the button on the remote and then press and immediately release the "Learn" button on the opener. This should 'program' the receiver to recognize the code the remote is sending and get it to working again. Anytime you move those pins you would need to do this again. I think you can now call and cancel that repairman.

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I have a craftman 1/2 hp garage opener about 15 year old.
Even since I brought a new remote control 2 month ago. my neighbor's remote can open my garage. But his control would not able to close my garage. My remotes both new and old ones can not control my neighbor's garage door. I have try to erase the memorize on my opener by press the big botton on the back of the opener for 30 seconds. I saw the red led light turn off after severial seconds. But my old remotes can still control the opener. (I have returned my new remote to the store). My neighbor is a renter. He is not willing to try to reprogram his own opener. What can I do ? thank you.

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Something is strange. If your neighbors remote can open your door it can close your door. Have you actually seen him open your door? Invite him over with his remote and have him open your door. What is the model number of your opener?

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Got the 1/2HP gargage door opener. Everything works great except for the security panel outside. I'm not able to open the door from the outside panel. Replaced the battery. I'm able to close the door from it. Also I noticed the led-light on the right side sensor is yellow. The left side is green. Please advise on how to fix.

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Inside wall mount works. Remote wirerless will only open door, will not close. Changed the batteries / still no good. Followed the instructions on garage and on line / no good.
When I open door, the light blub starts flashing and a clicking sound.... Please Help !!!

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