Need to make cheap utility cart

gmcman(7)February 27, 2011

Well, not cheap, just don't want to spend $200+ on Northerns nice cart.

I need to mount the generator to this cart and needs to be about 32" wide, but not wider than 39" to fit through the gate.

Another option is to widen the axle, currently it has about a 1" gap between the frame and I need to build an enclosure...going above and around the tires is not an option....too much hassle with the sound deadening materials. Would need to widen it about 5" on each side if I do.

I can possibly use the axle for the cart, just need a spacer to fit the wheels under the bed. Looking for anyone who has designed one for ideas. Trying to go for the 4-wheel cart mainly because I need to enclose the handles on the generator. This will be top-heavy since I need to place the fuel tank above the enclosure for safety reasons.

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I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but you mention enclosure and sound deadening materials. You'll have to penetrate the enclosure to provide combustion air, allow exhaust to exit, and I'm assuming that's an air cooled engine so air will have to come in and go back out for cooling. That translates to some appreciable openings.

You also mention 4 wheeled cart, check out TSC as they have small 4 wheel garden wagons which might be strong enough to hold that. Building a wagon gets expensive due to the running gear at the front.

Moving the existing gas tank from the genie to the top of the proposed enclosure for safety reasons? If it's due to high heat within the enclosure, the gas line and carb will still be in there.

Good luck,


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I agree these little carts are pricey, I figure some 2x4's, a sheet of plywood or similiar, and some 10" tires but mounting the wheels is another task. Perhaps a short piece of round steel stock 5/8" in dia and a bushing I can insert in the 2x4 running the length of the cart. I may just need to drop $120 like you mention since the hardware adds up quick.

As far as the enclosure...I just don't like the idea of a vented fuel tank in an area with hot exhaust. The pipes will be wrapped with header tape and the muffler will be relocated outside and I will use an exhaust can from my old Honda CBR...backpressure is low enough.

The intake fan draws 777 CFM and the generator head pulls 200 CFM through it's vents. I plan on using rectangular ducting lined with sound absorbing mat with three 90 deg bends for each of the openings...the bends will result in a 50% decrease alone without material lining it.

I'm going to add an additional 600 CFM with the side-mounted fans.again with triple-bends. The unit is designed to be run in calm air with only the flywheel fan cooling the cylinders...I will enclose it but will give it even more airflow...almost double. It will take some trial runs for sure with temp checks but hopefully all this brainstorming will pay off.

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I'd still check this link out as the $70 one has a 800lb capacity and the $120 is 1200lb. More importantly they have fold down sides so you'd have a flat top to build on.

BTW, I don't particularly like TSC, but in a small town, it's like WalMart, you either go there or drive a long ways.

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Here is a link that might be useful: TSC Garden Carts

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You can lengthen the axle, by cutting it, then adding a section of steel pipe in the center, and welding the axle in it, at the correct spacing.
As for sides, make them with expanded steel screening, not the screen door type, but heavier, and install a closed top over it. Make the top hinged, for access to the works, and you could make a section of the side to swing out, for access to the engine.
I made a nice cart using a contractors mixing tray, with the slanted ends, an axle, and wheels. I also made one using flat galvanised tin panels, made to form a large open top box, to haul leaves, etc. I made it to dump like a truck bed. Sit down with a pencil and ruler/straight edge, and design your own. I never was educated in college methods, but just a pencil and yard stick, and i can design most anything, in the yard cart genre.

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