Sabre won't move

tombob(z6IL)February 24, 2013

I just sold my 14.5 HP John Deere Sabre with hydrostatic drive. It has the lever for the tranny on the right fender.It worked perfectly, and the buyer drove it about my yard and pronounced it a good deal. Everyone was happy. Until today.

I got a call from him and he told me the mower "wouldn't go forward or backward." I went through all the procedures with him: making sure the brake was off and the lock was off, the blades were disengaged etc. I asked him if the transmission release (that knob on the back of the tractor that disengages the tranny so you can push it when it is off) was pushed all the way in. I had shown him how he could pull the knob out and push the mower if needed. He claims he had done all that but it still would not move. I told him to try pulling out the tranny release knob and rocking the mower back and forth�"with the engine off, then pushing it back in, starting it, and seeing if that would work.

I am buffaloed. He is 50 miles away, so it is no small drive to go over and check it out. I offered him his money back, but he told me he would fool around with it some more and let me know one way or another. It has been several hours and I haven't heard from him.

He had told me that he had never owned a riding mower before, and knew nothing about working on mowers.

I am convinced he doesn't have something set right, but I cannot think what it would be.

Any thoughts on what to tell him?

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any chance you washed the unit down to make it look good for the sale and got water on the park brake caliper mechanism up under the fender outside the tranny where it's now corroded and stuck? Sometimes a good shot of rattlecan brake pad cleaner on the pucks and disc can free such up.. just a thought....

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Thanks for taking time to weigh in, rcbe!

I got a call a few moments ago from the buyer. H deiscoverd the drive belt had come off the rear pulley. He had the engine running, tranny lever mowed forward and had stepped off the mower, which lurched forwad and then stopped. He thinks that made the belt jump off.

We wee both relieved it was something simple.

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Good to hear that you were saved a long trip and that the new owner is back in business...

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And, thats why the makers have had to put those safety controls on everything except yer bedroom slippers!
For bone-heads! That guy will be the first one to sue the Company, or you--when he gets his fingers cut off, or his toes under the mowing deck, with chop-chop sounding quickly!
If it was me--I'd certainly find out of he'd sell it back to me--I'd tell him I'd give back $25 more than he paid for it.

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I wish I would have taken a photo of the warning icons all over the mower deck, which are little stick figures getting their head, feet and arms cut off. I always got a kick out of that.

I had told the buyer when I handed him the manual for the Sabre that if this was his first riding mower he should read the starting and operating procedures. But, like most damn rednecks, they figure if they can operate a TV remote they can run or drive anything, he obviously didn't!

Anyway, all's well. Ii have my money, the buyer's happy, and now I'm going shopping for that new Ferris ZT!

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