1979 or later troybilt 6hp rototiller need transmission help

cactuskenApril 29, 2013

sn456030 I was draining the old transmission oil, to replace with newer oil. I mistakenly loosened the plug in the back of the transmission and a little oil came out. I couldn't figure out why the oil didn't really flow out quickly, I took a screw driver and put it the hole and turned a 4 inch steel pin comes out and the oil drains. Later I discovered that the drain plug is on the bottom left side, DOH! that I should of drained the oil from. Here's the problem the solid pin will not reinstall, any suggestions?

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I am not following you very well, are you saying that the shifting pin is now out and you cant get it back in? I think all the oil plugs are pipe threads and should reinstall pretty easily. If you have the shifting fork off, that is a different story.


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Sounds funny that a pin would come out. Is this on the tail shaft hidden by the tines?

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The shifting pin came out the rear of the transmission just in front of the tines. I put it back in and it will not slide all the way in, so I can't assemble the rear plug. From the parts schematic, it should fit into a shifting fork. Any suggestions on how to align the fork to accept the pin? There is a threaded hole on one side of the pin, I tried it both ways and it still wouldn't seat far enough in. Any suggestions?

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I don't. Is this in the transmission, in front of the PTO connection? You might have to take the top of the tranny off to see what's going on.

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will I be able to see past the pto gears into the middle of
gears and shifter area, by taking off the top cover? Right now the pin is stuck and won't pull out, but still sticks out of the rear of the transmission.

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Show us a picture of this. I can't follow you.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

That pin its pivot shaft for clutch fork old style you need take top cover off with oil drain so you put back together with clutch shoes in place 2 parts. The newer style don't have that pivot style with 2 shoes. That plug tell story you have old style fork. with top off you line up shaft with hole in fork. Its tight place but easy fix may need small magnet to find 2 shoes in bottom case.

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