Veronica/speedwell-I forgot to cut it back

kateydid29April 9, 2013

am new to perennials. Just planted some Veronica/speedwell last summer. Forgot to cut it back in the fall after the frost.

can I cut it back now or did I kill it?



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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

You can cut it back now, it will be fine :-)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

on ANY perennial.. just track down whats there .. and look for where it is budding out.. and snip back to one or two buds ...

if its dry and crackly.. just break it out ... its nature way ....

there is no mystery to cutting anything back.. once you look for buds ... and if they haven't formed yet.. you are out there too early ...

and in my world.. warped as it is ... two very healthy buds is enough.. i want all the root power going to them ... instead of say 10 buds.. up a stick .. splitting all the energy .. and then eventually falling over in late summer because the thing grew twice as tall as last yer ...

this is a GENERAL RULE.. not specific to your plant ... and its intuitive.. you will never go wrong with such ... and all it takes.. is doing it.. rather than thinking there is some special rule for each specific plant..

have fun and good luck


ps: i should probably turn this into a newbie post.. but i am too lazy today ...

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Thanks ken and funnthsun!

My veronica are dry and crumbly and I feared that meant they were dead!

We re-did the front yard last summer (took all old stuff out and put new stuff in)- very extensive project for us! Can't wait to see how it looks this summer!

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ramazz(8a VA)

If it is the flower heads that are dry and crumbly, you should crush them and sprinkle them around - there are most likely some seed pods in there. That is how I get mine to spread.

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Thanks for the tip ramazz! I was just going to toss the clippings in my compost pile.

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