Best quality shovel?

gardener_sandyApril 12, 2009

I'm looking for a recommendation for a really good shovel. DH is in construction and the cheap ones need replacing every week (sometimes less!) The better ones still don't last long. If we could find really tough ones, we would have the crew members assigned specific shovels so they would be responsible for returning them to the shop every day. (Wood burn their name on the handle? Maybe! LOL) What do you use and how well does it hold up? He uses long handled round point shovels.


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canguy(British Columbia)

Garant or Tru Temper would be my choice.

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Hey Sandy,

I have a Fiskars "World's Greatest Shovel" It is truly indestructible. They're made in Sauk City WI, about 10 miles from me. They are heavy as they're all metal construction. I also got their post hole digger of similar durable construction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiskars shovel

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I ran out and immediately bought a Fiskars shovel. Looks like an indestructible item. The one I bought has "CHINA" stamped on the back of the blade. Go Figure.


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Use a sharpie marker on the handles to name/number them, if that helps anything.

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Hey Paul,

It did? I thought they were made in Sauk. They have a HUGE building there. Maybe it's a warehouse. Goes to show how little I know.


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Hey Bill,

I went back and looked at my shovel more closely-a tag on the handle says the handle is made in the US, but the blade is made in CHINA. That's the world that we live in. I'm using it to dig up roots, etc in my back yard where I used to have a dog pen in the past.

I'm going to use my new Husqvarna 700 DRT to reclaim a good portion of my back yard that I've let go in the past due to health issues. Will also plant a small garden and work some flower beds with it. Do you have any experience with this tiller? Seems to meet my requirements nicely.

Some really nasty weather hit two nights ago and washed out my tomato plants that I had just planted. That's farming, huh?

Back to the shovel-It's the best shovel I've ever seen.


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masiman(z7 VA)

farmerboybill and pkg1,

That is not uncommon anymore for the markings you see. I saw the same thing on an axe at Lowes the other day. Proud "Made in the USA" sticker on it. The fine print read that the handle was real American Hickory. The head was stamped China.

There are still some US manufacturers. I think Estwing still makes their stuff here. However, I would not be surprised if they get their ingots from China or elsewhere.

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Hey Paul,

I have a pair of BCS tractor/tillers - and 850 with 30 inch tiller and a 730 with 26 inch tiller. If you're into great quality stuff, you should give them a look. Much higher price than a Husqy, though.


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bill7(NW MN)

+1 on the Fiskars...

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