Groundcover under roses

kahlanne(z8 LA)April 16, 2014

Our local store has creeping juniper on sale and I was wondering if it would work well as groundcover under my roses? I have an island bed that has roses only and always struggle with weeds. I have heard that juniper will choke out the weeds somewhat. Is this true? Would this be a great companion plant?

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I use compost in my rose beds and have never had to weed. It
works great.


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seil zone 6b MI

If it will choke out weeds it could also choke out roses. I'd be worried about that juniper taking a lot of water and nutrients away from the roses. That's why it's not recommended to plant roses in a tree root zone. And even creeping juniper is a type of tree. I'd go with mulch.

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I put all kinds of small herbaceous plants under my roses, and roses and groundcovers all look happy. I agree that juniper is too big and would compete with the roses. Mulch is good too...use both!

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I have planted some virigated vinca in between my roses. It spreads but isn't invasive and has pretty lavender flowers.

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I used various hardy low-growing genarniums (e.g, Geranium Rozanne) and ceroposes (e.g., Mercury Rising) and lots and losts of laveders to fill in the empty spot between my roses. It has worked well for me so far (about two years) as none of these appears to an agressive competitor to the roses. (The bonus point is that they are supposed to be "deer proof"/"deer resistant" although "my" deer seem to eat anyting and everything when hungry....) I have a very small gardening space (thanks to the roaming deer) so I try to fit in as many plants as possible in my fenced front yard. I dislike mulch as space fillers, but my ideal garden could be a weedy eyesore for those more organized.. This year, I am adding chives among the roses, which is supposed to repell pests.

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