Bayer Advanced All In One Rose and Flower Care question

jess2132000(PA)April 2, 2010

How much do I put on each rose bush? I got a new bottle of this stuff today and the instructions that where on the back we missing so I have no idea how much per rose bush is used. I thought it was 1 tablespoon per gallon or half gallon of water??

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.
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charleney(8a PNW)

2 fl. oz. (4 TBSP) in 1 quart of water treats 1 plant.
2 fl. oz. (4 TBSP) in 2 gallons of water treats 12 sq. ft.
Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, and Other Shrubs
1 fl. oz. (2 TBSP) in 1 quart of water per foot of plant height

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The real answer is: Don't use All-in-one. It includes an insecticide, doesn't it? If you use it, you will kill off the "good" bugs that prey on the "bad" bugs. You don't want that.

Instead, buy a fertilizer (with nothing extra added to it) and feed your roses. If you need to spray for blackspot, use Bayers Garden Disease Control (no insecticide in it). If you have insect problems, come here and ask for non-insecticide ways to get rid of the "bad" insects. We love to help out in such matters.


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Yeah, alot of people do not recommend using the 3 in 1 soil drench product. Your earthworms and other soil life will be screamin in agony. lol

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I finally found Bayers garden disease control.
I was sooo happy, they finally had it at the big box store.
Last year I used a little baking soda and water, and it really didn't work that well, poor roses still had blackspot. (it did help a little though)
I have already sprayed them once with the Bayer this spring, and will every 6 weeks through out the summer.
It states there is no insecticide in it.
I use a cup of water and get the beatles off by hand.
gross, but it works.
I also invite the birds into the yard with a bird bath.
They clean my roses while they are there.
That disease control is hard to find, by the way.

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Butterfly--I don't mean to be a jerk--I'm too new at this to really know much--but I was told not to use the all-in-one if I was also trying to attract birds since it could be toxic to them. Don't know if someone was just trying to scare me but it's food for thought. That stuff seems pretty powerful. Cynthia

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Actually, those "All-In-One" things are generally less-effective than things that you just spray.

Also check your Bayer products carefully to see if what you're using contains Imidicloprid. That chemical is known to trigger seizures in susceptible individuals.
Yes, it IS the same chemical used in Advantage For Fleas, and that seizure caution applies there, as well.


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frank1965(z8 NWLouisiana)

jerijen- many things everywhere may "trigger seizures" to someone somewhere- please don't be an alarmist. Read the label and follow the instructions. We all make our own decisions in life.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Frank, you may never have watched a dog you love collapse in grand mal seizures after exposure to rose sprays.
I have.

You make your own decisions.
I will continue to make people aware of possible problems.

Jeri Jennings
Consulting Rosarian

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Thanks Jeri. I sure hope Americans are getting educated on the use of harmful chemicals.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

--SIGH-- I think some are. I often think about people who have very small children or grandchildren, rather than a dog.

We learned the hard way -- I hope others don't have to.


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

This may not be a popular opinion, but I believe in using organic fertilizers, compost and mulch to build up the soil (alfalfa meal is really great) and then choosing roses that are not very susceptible to disease. Spraying poisons around for the sake of a few flowers is not something I could justify to myself. My garden is filled with wildlife and beneficial insects, and I don't have to worry about anything dying because of my selfish needs. The roses and other plants look great because they're adapted to my area. I eliminated all the grass and my pets no longer have fleas. It's a very peaceful (and for me guilt-free) and happy environment.


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I share your thoughts Ingrid! ;-)

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Ingrid, I could not agree with you more.

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Most of you are seriously misinformed about this product.

It is not SPRAYED anywhere. It is a liquid that is poured into the ground and taken internally by the root system of the plant. Therefore the majority of good bugs (i.e. those that do not wish to dine on the plant) are unaffected. Yes, those in the ground will be affected. As well as possibly bees, and aquatic animals (if you allow runoff). If you are so worried about the worms, never break earth, you might cleave some in half. *gasp*

Now quit droning on that this product is the ruin of the ecosystem. It is only applied every six weeks in a small quantity into the immediate area around the plant. You send far worse in greater amounts down your drains, up your chimneys, into your garbage and out your tailpipes.

Harping on about only getting disease-resistant roses is no help whatsoever. That is no guarantee. I have bought plants that were sold as that (knock-outs) and still gotten black-spot, aphids, etc. Practically every variety claims to be impervious now. Because would a rose sell if it was labelled "thrip smorgasbord"?

Be silly if you want. I like this product; I find it actually works.

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Can anyone tell me how much to put on my hibiscus. I don't have my instructions.

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I could use some help please! I am a newbie to roses. Two weeks ago I Planted a rose bush in the ground with a small shovel full of chicken manure and handful of bone meal and a week later used bayer 3 in 1 on it. It started dying less than a week later, lovely stems turning a horrible black, coming up from the bottom. I have been caring for this plant for a few months prior to planting it, wanted to be sure it would be happy in its new home, so I know it had gotten enough sun and water and was very healthy and happy. Did I burn it and can it be saved?
Thanks for any help,

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