help me select an electric string trimmer please

rosiew(8 GA)April 13, 2011

I'd love to have a gas model, but I'm just not strong enough to operate it. Use a B&D edger which does a good enough job but takes forever - I have hundreds of feet to edge - and Bermuda grass which invades flower beds overnight.

Reading reviews online have me considering Greenworks 21212 but I've never heard of this mfg. Consumer Reports has reviewed the electric trimmers, but I no longer subscribe so can't access their ratings.

Turning to y'all, hoping you've had good service and will recommend to me.

Many thanks, Rosie

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Visit this site at the address below. It has some interesting info on electric trimmers. I know your "Pain" with gas trimmers. Initially (1970s) I felt electric was all I wanted for home use until dragging the cords and damp weather changed my mind. Hopefully, this info will help you. Possibly the new 4-cycle trimmer might be easier to start and manage. I have no research or personal experience. loger

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rosiew(8 GA)

loger, thanks for taking the time to write. The link you refer to doesn't show for me. Hope you'll see this note and repost.


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The address did not appear with a line under it which usually means you have to copy and paste it in your Go To window. Try that, it works, I just opened it. Otherwise, run a search on Consumer Report On Electric Grass Trimmers. I hope this works because the info is too large to copy and paste. loger

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Rosie, Were you able to get the address to open or find other good info on electric trimmers?? loger

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rosiew(8 GA)

Loger, I can't access Consumer Reports as I'm not a subscriber. Will go to the library to see it. Man, this place needs trimming big time - fescue growing a couple of inches a day.

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Copy and past or type this last line into your search web window and select search. I believe you will find plenty info. Better still, you need to search your community for a personal user's opinion and demo. OR! Rent one for your job and personal opinion. I feel the ads on the cordless trimmers will be hard to pass. Be Strong! Keep your goal of POWER in mind.

consumer report on electric grass trimmers

Good Luck! Reply your findings. loger

PS. Also search electric grass trimmers on this site upper right if you have not.

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