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myro54(9)December 12, 2013

I got this little cone (conifer) from what i asume was a cyade. It looked simlair to a sago palm but the plant was soft to the touch and more limber. Didnt catch the name of it. Anywho besides the name of the plant I was wandering if this was the female or male part. Would I need to find another plant of opposite sex to get this pollenated or pollinate it? Can this even be done now that i have removed it from the orignal plant?

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Male. That's why it's yellow between the scales, the male cones produce pollen.

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So can i use it to pollenate a female plant if i can find the same one again? or will it work since i removed it already?

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theplantwizard(Sunset 13)

Remember the pollen has to be removed from the parent plant to find the female cone anyway. As long as it was ripe when you picked it, and it wasn't very long ago, you should be able to shake out some good pollen.

Could your cycad be Zamia pumila?

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