Pruning Don Juan? Suckers?

Ibanez540rApril 11, 2011

This is my first rose that I planted last spring, so this will be it's second season planted. It's a Don Juan climber and surprising really grew well last year. I was worried about it surviving our Cleveland OH Zone 5 winters, but I had next to no winter die back and swells all over. OH, I should add that I didn't learn until late last season to grow the canes as horizontal as possible to promote flowering, rather than just at the tips as I was experiencing. So since I have tied them all horizontally. Anyway, with the swells and spring just starting to pop, I'm noticing a lot of thin stragly canes. ..but everything says not to prune the first three years???

I also read people talking about suckers and read and understand what they are, but can't seem to identify them. Also do not know if my Don Juan is grafted or own root. Here are some pictures. Any advice on identifying suckers and pruning is appreciated

...guess you cannot post pics in this area??? Well if there is any advice you can give without seeing them, thanks.

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

You can post pictures but only those with an URL from a website such as Photobucket. E-mail me for picture posting instructions.

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catsrose(VA 6)

A graft looks like a gnarled fist just above the root. If you bought your Don Juan at a regular retail nursery or garden center, it is probably a graft. If the thin canes are coming from below the graft, they are from the rootstock and should be pulled off [to remove the eye]. If they are coming from above the graft, from the same point that the other canes emerge, then they are just week new canes and can be pruned or pulled off. Keep only nice firm thick juicy canes and just one or two of those.

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