Husqvarna chainsaw, stupid starting procedure

baymee(LehighValleyPA)April 26, 2012

Rancher model. Lowes BBS

Who ever heard of starting a chainsaw at idle speed?

You follow all the instructions and it's impossible to start something at idle speed. There is no high speed start on this unit.

What's the deal?

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Baymee, on my Husq saw, setting the choke to full ON also sets the throttle to high idle. If the engine is already warmed up, I pull the choke to ON, then push it back in and that sets the throttle to high idle without choking. Mine is not the Rancher model, but maybe yours is the same way as mine.

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How fast is fast idle? Noticeably higher; enough to make the chain spin? You're supposed to lock the chain when starting.

I do see a tang on the throttle, which would allow me to raise the RPM by bending it, but it's not accessible without removing the carb.

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Well, It sounds like idle is set high enough to turn the chain, but as soon as the engine starts I always pull the trigger to take it off the automatic setting. Mine is the low-end Husqvarna, a model 240-e, and your bigger saw might operate differently.

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txtom50(8a texas)

Baymee - I hope you'll give us some feedback after you get the issue resolved. I've been eye-balling the 455 Rancher for some time now as my older 350 may need replacing in another year or so.

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I returned it to the customer, as is, with a note that it could be adjusted by bending the tang. But that requires removal of the carb to get down there.

The current setup is that it's supposed to start at an idle, which doesn't turn the chain. So why the instructions talk about fast idle and chain brake, I don't know. It's fairly new, so nothing is broken or missing. Lowes turns him away when it comes to replacement or repair.

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Rancher 455 or 460 Models usually only require 2-3 primer button pushs and full choke to achive high idle start 1st or second pull . I do not usually go through the warm up period and shut off the choke within 5-8 seconds. Normally you leave the choke on until the saw begins to load up then shot off the choke and the fast idle will be noticed a quick blip of the throttle releases this . txtom: Spend the xtra $50 on the upgrade to the 460 with a 20 " Bar quite a bit more torgue you won't be diappointed .

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That's the whole problem. If I get it started, with fluid, for example, it revs no higher than idle. The choke mechanism doesn't move the throttle linkage more than 1/32"

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I know the need of a good rev to pull the fuel to get my Poulan S25s going with no primer bulbs. A Pain In The Shoulder From The Arm Whip! I started an 80s McCullough Pro Mac 700 for a neighbor after sitting 6 yrs and it was no way I Could Arm Whip That Monster. With the 24" bar and compression release, it was my first saw to start from the ground at idle on the 2nd pull. I told the neighbor we had to use my Poulan S25 16" bar to cut his Draught stricken Red Tip. LOL

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