lost roses and replaced

pembroke(6--Louisville KY)April 22, 2014

Lost mellow yellow ( my fault I ordered and planted too late in Fall) replaced with Oregold (wife bought this for me, THANKS Honey) Queen Elizabeth bought from J& P didn't make it (wasn't planted deep enough to protect graft) replaced with QE again from Heirloom own root this time. Still waiting on the rest, some are just now showing signs of coming from under ground. All these are own root. So we shall see what summer brings. Pembroke

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Lost SDLM. Was pushing it with that one and kinda expected it. My Princess Alexandra of Kent is questionable. Will replace immediately if it doesn't make it. Also worried about my Constance Spry. Will find new climber if need be, but it might not be another Constance. She's beautiful and one of my earliest, but they don't seem to hang around very long.

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I lost SDLM, and Madame Marie Curie and wasn't pushing zaphod42 so don't feel bad :( They were ownroot to boot, the Madame tried coming back, but that died as well.

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