yaupon holly- shadows female yellow leaves and dropping

kooshball(7b)April 19, 2012

I planted three shadows female yaupon holly last fall and throughout the winter they looked great. In the last few weeks I noticed some yellowing on a few leaves and that they soon dropped but I figured maybe it was shedding them as it got ready to grow.

Now in the last week it has gotten much worse. Many of the leaves are yellow and many more have fallen. The trees are in full bloom and there is 4-6" of new growth on the tree (mostly on the south side). I am now confident that this is not normal and am worried about these trees. They were no issues with these trees up until recently...any ideas?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its hard to tell you much of anything w/o a picture.. see link ...

interior yellowing is normal ... increased by transplant .. and any other weather issue.. drought?? [before you got it] .. or improper watering after transplant ..... etc ..

the fact that it is extending growth is a good sign ...

no evergreen holds its leaves forever.. and again .. its the oldest that are shed.. which are the interior.. and it is increased by stresses .. like transplant..


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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