finally got some good manure

sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)March 12, 2014

Horse manure straight from the stable, winters collection, from animals off pasture and fed from unsprayed hay meadow. The pile is heating beautifully; I'll turn it after three weeks and in six weeks I can screen it and use it for my potting soil. As a peat moss replacement this pick-up load is worth about $150.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

If it is still that hot, it may be too hot to use unless highly diluted for potting soil.

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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

Mix that manure with your leaves and you'll have compost in monthes instead of years

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sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)

Since I've been composting and making leaf mold since the 1970's and read and reread Sir Albert Howard I figured out that by creating and turning a hot pile the N is saved and weed seeds and pathogens are destroyed. I six weeks I can use this for a seed mix if I so choose.

As for leaves in a pile; I would never do that. Leaves are fermented. Manures and forbs are composted. If I wanted to plug up and slow or stop my hot compost I would put a bunch of leaves in with the manure. When is the last name horses and cattle have dropped their manure in leaf piles...they do not live and eat in the forest.

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