Hello Ewalk!

loger_gwApril 22, 2012

Hello Ewalk! I hope you are OK and we are missing your Pro Experiences/Feedback. Hopefully you are just taking a break. I will reduce my efforts due to my work and knowing the importance of letting others learn. Loger

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The sad part about these sites is this: Often times, nobody in the posters' family knows what clubs he or she writes in to, and if the member dies, or whatever, nobody know how to post a message of a demise of the poster!
So, being of the ripe old age of almost 89, and my spouse not being very savvy on the Internet, et al, If you cease hearing from me, or dont see any postings for a spell, then you can infer several reasons for it! One will be that i ran off with some young chick, and the other will be my demise, although i'm not expecting that yet!
By: Rusty Jones

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Loger: The Rumours of my Demise are highly exagerated lol :) Actually been rather busy getting my new (slightly used) 20 HP Yamaha outboard ready for the May long weekend Walleye Opener . Have to admit though running off with Rusty's Young Chick does sound interesting to Roflmao ! Hope all is well with everyone on the forum , Spring is in the Air ..Eh :)

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Rusty, if you score on more than one young chick,
send the other this way, as two will definitely
do you in.

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Well, my dearly beloved thinks i'm ready to run off with the first lady who calls me to get her mower and make it run! Once burned/ twice shy is my motto. There is another one about choosing where the bathroom and the kitchen are, in yer home!

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