Homemade Chipper-shredder bag

jonas302(central mn 4)April 11, 2009

I wanted to chip into some heavy duty plastic bags so I could store the leaves to use thoughout the year but the machine had so much air pressure it just blows everywhere

To solve this I cut the end off a 5 gallon pail duct taping a window screen around a 4 inch plastic hose taped to the chipper this lets the air out of the bag and keeps the chips in the bag had come untied from the bucket when I took the pic I will find a bungee to hold it on

Its not real pretty but it was free(:

href="http://s639.photobucket.com/albums/uu117/jonas302/?action=view¤t=005.jpg" target="_blank">

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dmullen(Southern CA)

That is a good idea.

About 30 years ago, I bought a Craftsman 8 hp chipper. It worked very well then and still does but the bag was worthless.

It was too small and clogged within minutes of each startup so I left it off and just restricted the path of all the chips blowing out and then raked and gathered them.

I now have a Mac Kissic and seldom run the Craftsman any more so I no longer have the problem.

I like your idea better and wish I had tried it at the time.

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I got the same machine and was looking for a way to collect the debris into plastic trash bags. I'll definitely will try your setup.

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