Ariens 1540H stalling problem

gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)April 30, 2012

Basics: I have an Ariens 1540H lawn tractor that I bought new in 1998. It is a hydrostatic drive with a 15hp Vanguard B&S engine.

It has given good service since '98. I managed to resurrect it after I got a bunch of leaves stuck up in the muffler and melted a bunch of plastic.

Retaped the wires and it has been good for the last 3 years. I'm hoping my problem is not electrical. I mow about 30-40 hours a year.

So today I started it up Had mowed 23 times this year already last time 10 days ago) and as soon as I engaged the electric power takeoff for the blade it died.

It would start, but only stay on when choked. It is now at the point where if I move off choke to run it dies.

I figured it was something in the fuel system.

What I have done so far.

Replaced the fuel filter (for the last 2 or 3 years I have been running premium gas with red stabil in it to offset the ethanol relate problems)

Made sure that the gas cap airways were not clogged.

Put in fresh gas with stabil

Neither worked, but I figured I would try the easy stuff first.

So, I checked with the local mower repair shop and a rebuild kit is $52 +tax prepaid and 3-4 days to deliver.

I found an online tutorial on how to rebuild a Walbro LMT 5-4993

I have rebuilt a couple of weedwacker and minitiller carbs and gotten them back up and running.

This one uses a rebuild kit # 690191<?url>;
I'm guessing that there are several parts in here that go to other carbs. I'm hoping the counterman can sort me out on how and what to replace.

???My question is if I should invest in a carburetor soaking setup. Look to be about $25 from the auto store and blow it out with air or will canned carb spray do the job.

This carb has not been touched since it was new (14 years). I took it off and openen up the bowl and it looked clean, but I know it does not take much to clog them up.

???The other question is how do I check the solenoid that is on the bottom of the card. I is in the up position when engine is off. Stop gas from entering the carb upon shutdown.

Also how would I check the circuit to see if it is deliver 12v to the plug? I am not good with electricity.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walbro rebuild

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gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)

Never mind. Somehow I ended up with over a pint of H2O in the gas tank. Ran fine once that was taken care of.

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I suspect you all ready done this but don't know?

I would go ahead and check the air filter, intake mount bolts, carb. mount bolts, pull the plugs and read them, clean them, check spark, plug the plug back in and lay the spark plug on the metal part of the head. motor the engine over and check for blue spark. Do the same other one if twin. While you had the bowl off the carb. with I would of sprayed inside down with carb. cleaner. put the bowl back on remove the inlet fuel line to the carb. and spray some carb. cleaner inside the carb. so when you put the hose back on and gas starts to flow you have carb. cleaner going through the carb.

After you get it started (probably be hard to start with all the air in the fuel system) cycle the throttle up and down several time get all the air out of the fuel system, then try engaging the blades putting load on the engine.

I would try to adjust the carb. first before I spent money on carb. kit. But, before you tamper with the adjustment screws note there location so you can turn them back incase it didn't help (if it's out of adjustment should take more than 1/8 turn to make difference).

After I have checked the air filter, plugs, done quick clean of the carb., check for spark, made an adjustment and it still doing the same thing. then I would probably tear into the carb. after I have made sure I have no vacuum leaks.

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