sitting pressure washer pump issue

bhom920April 10, 2011

Hi, so i was given a honda pressure washer with a gcv160 motor that was used maybe once or twice in it's lifetime. It looks like it most likely hasn't been used for the past 5 -6 years. When i first got it i had gas leaking out from the carb. I took the carb apart and cleaned it out. It was all gunked up from left over fuel sitting in the bowl for so long. The motor now starts fine and the pressure washer will run, IF there is no water hooked up to the pump. (I've only run it for very short period of times so not to damage the pump further). I've noticed that the motor will not start with water running through the machine unless i have the trigger pulled (cord is hard to pull). I need to pull the nozzle's trigge to start the machine. As soon as i let go of the nozzle trigger it seems like the pump causes the motor to stop. What could cause this? I'm a fairly handy guy and don't mind taking the pump apart, but i'd like to get some sort of direction before i dive into the pump. ANy ideas?

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well, probably the unloader valve stuck? I would first spray Wd40 or liquid wrench in the inlet and exit holes see if that unstick it. If not then your probably going to have to tear it apart. Goggle several tips and videos on this subject for more ideas or pointers.

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