McCulloch FR 2.0 14' Chain Saw,... where do I start?

xlaxxApril 13, 2008

Well, you guys are gonna laugh at this one.

I was out walking my dog tonight and noted a chainsaw in somebody's trash pile. It is a McCulloch FR 2.0 14" bar Factory Reconditioned Chainsaw. I grabbed it thinking that I might be able to resurrect the saw.

I got it home and tried starting it up,... nothing happened. The motor didn't start. I checked the fuel and it was empty. Not sure where to go from here with it.

Is it worth while to explore or repair it? Where should I start? There is no sweat off my nose to just trash it,... is it worth even looking into? TNX for the help and recommendations. I know absolutely nothing about this saw.


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Put it on Ebay, maybe someone will buy it. If you nedd a saw get a real one Stihl, Husky, Echo, Dolmar, Shindaiwa, or Redmax are a few that would work. Steve

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I ended up pulling the cover off, zapping it with carb cleaner, checking the plug (BTW, good spark), and holding the pull chord to check compression (which was poor),... still wouldn't start.

I tossed it in the dumpster,...

Will check out the Stihl 118C saws,... I don't need anything major.


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