X300 44" snow blade install pictures

jas23881(8a)March 22, 2014

Can anyone show me picture(s) on how they installed their 44" JD blade to their X300? Seems no one has a install manual. I could use some help here. Bought a used blade but I think I don't have all the lift linkage parts I need. Any help would be appreciated. thanks-

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Learn how to search on the JD web site there's lots of good info there. Here's where you go for JD manuals that are free...

If manuals aren't listed there then you have to buy it.

Here's the 44" blade manual...

If your X300 doesn't have the lift assist spring option installed you may want to get that. Makes it a lot easier to lift the blade and a MUST if you get the snowblower. Makes it easier to lift the mowing deck too.

If you're a DIYer invest in the technical manual. Less expensive on CD than hard copy.

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Wow. This is perfect. It's all I need to order parts I need and install. What a great forum. Thank You. I hope I can help someone else out here with this also.

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Lots of used stuff sells incomplete and some of those parts add up to a pretty penny so don't be surprised.

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FWIW, go slow about ordering until you have the instructions in hand, tractor and blade together and VERIFY what you actually are missing.

I purchased a "dozer" blade for my GT on ebay. It came in and from the Sears manual, I was missing a lot of stuff. As lurker pointed out that gets Xpensive! When I actually did a comparison, a lot of the "missing" pieces were brackets, etc. that were already incorporated in my GT frame so weren't needed. Don't know about JD, but Sears has a lot of stuff that fits a lot of stuff.... Manuals are kind of "all encompassing" but you have to use kentucky windage.

Good luck,


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JD manuals are VERY specific and their parts lists and diagrams even more so.Perhaps one advantage of being a manufacturer.

If the OP's X300 never had a front blade or blower installed then it needs all the hardware this picture.less what he has plus maybe the optional spring assist for the pedal lift.

It's too common for people selling JD X series attachments to simply "drop" the attachment and sell it without realizing that the hardware is not being included. The buyer doesn't do their homework first to know what he should be getting and might end up not getting the deal he thought he was getting.

If all the OP got was the blade and frame (item 23) and all the rockshaft hardware is missing, which is what usually gets left behind, then it might be a better deal to go with the power lift kit...

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