Magnolia tree is dying, can I save it.

gailuvscatsMay 15, 2014

Galaxy (I think) Magnolia bloomed and leafed out but the leaves look shriveled. Tree is around 20 years old. the trunk appears to be rotting. I am trying to post pictures, but having trouble.

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another pick

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thanks Ken, It bloomed in april but then we had a frost and it destroyed the flowers, and then it leafs out and the leaves look shriveled, and there is something wrong with the trunk, it is coming off, and it is rotted, or soft flakey underneath. I didn't see any bugs, but it appears to be happening around the whole trunk, such that it will be girdled. the tree has been fine until now. so sad. I was hoping there would be a spray or something to help it.

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since the last pictures, something is drilling holes into this tree, it is dinner for many, I am afraid. RIP magnolia.

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rotting wood under bark, saw various bugs, but not an accumulation of anything. Not sure what is eating it, but something is. didn't see any wire worms.

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