Craftsman 28858

bckskin2(5 Il)March 30, 2014

Is the Craftsman 28858 made by Husqvarna? I am thinking of getting a Yard tractor to back up my garden tractor JD X500 to just mow. The JD and my New Holland would do the heavy work. I want the wides mower deck I can get. Does anyone beat 54" ?

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If the full, technical model number begins with "917." it is made by Husqvarna.
If it begins with "247." it is MTD origin.
I tried both number at Sears Direct and it seems the number is actually 917.288580.

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bckskin2(5 Il)

Thanks Mownie, Is there a way to tell the Husqvarna model #?

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I think you have to use the Ford/Mercury analogy-
Mostly the same, but not exactly.

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It's like Bill says, Ford/Mercury.
Propriety being the driving effect here, Sears is a customer of Husqvarna, so Husqvarna is not going to facilitate any direct comparison charts or analogies that would seem to promote overt competition between Sears and Husqvarna on the sales floor.
Of course there exists an air of competition between the 2, but it is a low key sort of thing with many tacit agreements, as well as legal contracts that protect each company's interest at market levels.
It should be enough to realize that Husqy is not going to build the Craftsman analog of a Husqvarna any less robust than the products that will be badged as Husvarna.
Both products will use identical components at most points, except for color and graphics (decals etc.).
Sears might at some point want some exclusive feature that would be proprietary to a Craftsman, but that would significantly add to the cost of the build (because it is not something already in the Husqvarna inventory) and that would mean Sears price would have to go up.
If you are looking for a sure fire way to compare a Craftsman model to a Husqvarna model, you will probably have to do a lot of first hand visual shopping. I doubt it is going to be spelled out anywhere outside of the basement at Husqvarna.

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