Buying my first zero turn, advice needed

JMphotoMarch 30, 2012

Hi all, I have been on the home forums here for here for some time and it has been a lot of wonderful people and suggestions, so I thought this would also be a great place to get some advice. We just built a new home last year and moved in during the fall. I will have new grass soon, hopefully! Our lot is 1. acres (home and driveway take up some of that). It is fairly smooth, some gradual slopes and the back yard has a little swail, but nothing real steep. I have only ever needed a push mower, so this is my first zero. A small local lawnmower shop sells simplicity and I was looking at the ZT2000 which has a 52" deck and B&S engine with 26 hp and they sell it for $2995. I was all set to get that until I stopped by another local garden center and they sell Hustler and have a Sport with a Honda engine and 48" deck. The Hustler has a fabricated deck and 3 yr warranty and looks a lot beefier. They have that for $3750. Since I am new to this, is there anything I need to consider? Suggestions please.


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if you've not had seat time on ZTR's, strongly suggest you do so. Some dealers will provide such. ZTR's do handle differently - some like them, some don't.
ZTR's are relatively limited in handling attachments when compared to a garden tractor, so if you are thinking about snow-blowing, tilling, etc. then ZTR's prolly are not the best ticket.
Some other info - Simplicity has gone out of business for all practical purposes even tho B&S is currently handling the line.
Also, look for other name brands - but do not recommend buying such from a big box store. Add'tl research will help familiarize you with the products. Don't forget service after the sale (a good dealer).

good luck

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Thanks for the reply. I have an ATV 4x4 for any plowing or pulling, so I did consider a tractor, but I have decided on ZTR. I will NOT purchase from big box, only looking into smaller local specialized dealers.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

I'd say all the features you pointed out are good reasons for purchasing the Hustler, and especially if the dealer is nearby and has a good reputation. Hustler is a company that specializes in ZTR's for the commercial lawn care industry and are well regarded for their equipment. The Sport no doubt has the integrated pump/motor units at each wheel but from what I understand they are becoming much more reliable and durable than in the past. I'd buy it if I needed a new one.

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Check out used commercial out front Grasshopper ZTR mowers. I have one and it is very reliable and is great trimming around bushes and shrubs. The front deck is great for moving heavy items.

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I pulled the trigger on the Hustler. Being delivered tomorrow. I was impressed with the deck quality and engine. Thanks for the help.

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check out the ZTR mower with a snow plow. It was posted a few days ago.

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