pull behind mower

bckskin2(5 Il)March 24, 2013

Has anyone tried the pull behind mowers that are off set to increase mowing width? I am thinking of getting a 66" to pull behind a JD X 500.

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I have 2 swishers, a rough cut and a fine cut. Things to think about are #1 they only add about 1/2 of their cut width. #2 cornering ( cutting close to fruit trees) requires constant attention. #3 Backing up is a b... that said I love mine but wont let my 30 yo son mow in the orchard.

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Amen to above comments. swishers do fine in open fields/long straight runs - terrible around trees/bushes/etc. & forget backing up.

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bckskin2(5 Il)

I would only use in open where I usually use the finish mower with my New Holland. I wouldn't trust my 26 year old to mow with anything. Now we usually have 2 people and 2 tractors mowing.

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Many years ago, when riders were just coming along, i had a large lawn and side area to mow. I tried using a standard push rotary, but it was tiring. so, i made up a side hitch for the lawn tractor/mower, and that cut the mowing time. But, as others say, mowing with that rig is tricky and one sided. And, forget backing up. RJ

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vandtbear1(S. Illinois)

ravenh2001, please explain your comment #1 above? Not sure what you mean there. I have a swisher 60" pull behind as well. It has an adjustable length off-set bar that attaches to the hitch of pulling machine. I can off set mine and get a 10ft cut path since my mower has a 60" deck too.

Pull behinds are great for steeper hills and around ponds too. Can mow right up to the water line.

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