JD LT155 Draining Gas

krnuttleMarch 7, 2011

I have an JD LT155 lawn tractor, it may be making a trip of several hundred miles this summer. I believe it is conventional wisdom that the gas should be removed from small motors before a moving company will move the item.

Since I can not pick the tractor and dump the gas like my push mower, can I do the same thing by disconnecting the gas line at the carburetor, and drain all the gas that way.

Better suggestions?

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Yes, buy you handi-pump from ACE hardware. stick the hose in the tank and suck it dry. you can also use it for oil too. If you model has fuel pump not all the gas will drain out of the tank if the tank is lower than the engine. You will have to siphon it out. If the tank is above the engine then gravity will drain the gas tank. You will find alot of uses for the hand-pump (hand held crank pump)

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