manual furrower/hiller

dalepresApril 12, 2010

I just made hills and furrows in my garden for the first time. Both hills and valleys are atrocious to look at. :)

I remember my grandparents and even my parents when I was young had gardens with perfectly straight rows and furrows just the right width and straight and level. We even used to water by simply filling the furrows.

So how do I do that? Obviously my shovel was not the right tool. I am thinking of some kind of furrower behind a metal wheel or something. It sure seems like I have seen those before.

Of course if I could find one to fit my 10 year old Sears rear-tine tiller, that would be better but either way would be great.

Any ideas? On the manual or maybe a universal fit tiller attached?


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Hi Dale,

I have an old furrower my grandfather gave me. It looks a lot like a current model Glaser Wheel hoe, which I also have. I imagine your grandparents laid out the garden with string between two stakes and used a wheel hoe to make straight furrows. With practice, you could get the trenches to slightly slope in order to water the garden with them. That, or they were deep enough and they used enough water that it didn't matter if they were of an uneven depth.

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