Looking for a special lawn rake called Super Rake

kcblockApril 19, 2006

Gardener's Supply use to carry an item called a Super Rake. It was a great light weight small rake that was advertized as very easy to use. It had two rows of tines and was less than two feet wide. We bought a bunch of them and gave them to our friends as presents. Gardener's Supply no longer carries them and suggested I post a note here to see if anyone knows were I can get them. If you want to know what it looks like go to the Gardener's Supply website and search on super rake and you can still see the picture of ti.

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I've never seen a Super Rake, except in the catalog you mentioned. http://www.gardeners.com/Super-Rake/default/01-250.prd

I bought a new rake this spring from my local big-box building supply (Menards.) It's from Fiskars, the scissors company. It has an aluminum handle and shorter tines, similar to the Super Rake. It is extremely light weight and efficient. I am very hard on leaf rakes and this one seems to be holding up fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiskars leaf rake

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I, too, am searching for a source for the Super Rake. It is the best rake I have ever used. I have problems with my hands and using this rake makes it so much easier for me to rake. If you find a source, please let me know.

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Here is a source for the Super Rake: www.rockymtllamas.com
Once on the home page, click on Essentials & Gift Items. You'll see it there as Item 1012. It took me quite a while browsing other web sites to come across a person who suggested this site. I've ordered five, and they are exactly the same as the rake that Gardener's Supply stopped carrying, only less expensive. Happy raking!

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Hi. My name is Ann. You can find the Super Rake on my website www.americanrakeco.com. We also have deals on wholesale purchases! Thanks for your interest and I hope you like the Super Rake!

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It's six years later and I've tried all the previously mentioned sites to find this rake, without success. The Rockymllamas,com site has it listed with a picture, but with a note that it is out of stock. They sold it to rake up "llama nuts"! My neighbor has one and swears by it. Here's an entrepreneurial opportunity for somebody!

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