Two good lessons learned being new to log splitters:

loger_gwApril 6, 2012

Two good lessons learned being new to log splitters:

1. Keep your fingers clear of un-split challenging logs. I backed off and the log popped off the wedge with my finger wedged in the log. I never had one to close that tight after attempting to split it. Screaming for a leverage bar finally got my finger out w/o any noticeable damage. The nail is not dark w/o any swelling or pain but it has only been 36 hrs.

2. Install the hydraulic fluid filter per the instruction vs tweaking. I thought I w/n get the filter off vs damaging or breaking the aluminum filter mounts. I was adding a coupling to the mount with a tighter fit w/o breakage. The gasket sealed or swelled like I h/n seen on an engine vs an aluminum casting plumed in. There was no tweaking after the hand tightening afterwards.

There is no end to learning but keep it safe with someone close or checking on you if possible. loger

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Ahh, yes--the problems that callous youth seem to have! But, as Rome wasn't built in a day, and as things are learned best by "doing", i suppose you might make it in this world with all of yer appendages. i.e. Fingers, toes, feet, ears, etc. Why ears? If your mother was like mine-every time i goofed, she had a firm grip on one or the other of them!
Of course, i lost my left foot in war-time, and the tip of my right first finger too, but i learned how to overcome those injuries, and how to work around them.
Hopefully, you will learn about the dangers inherent to everything you might want to try. My advice is to have eyes in the back of yer head, and wear steel toed shoes, and watch wwhere ya put yer hands, feet, and fingers!
BT/DT: Rusty Jones

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Thanks, Very Good Advice! Plus, I'm learning that wood that is matted or not clean grain can be unpredictable when you are trying to force it to split. I have respected this in some obvious cases and sawed the wood into blocks to burn. loger

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