hardy geranium growing slowly from bare root

southerngardening24(7b)May 14, 2014

I ordered 3 hardy geranium bare roots. I planted them about 4 weeks ago. Two of them are showing tiny growth and the third seems dryed out and dead. Is it normal for them to take a while to grow or did I recieve bad roots? Any experiences?


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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Where did you order from? Sounds like a very bad mail order nursery.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

I agree with laceyvail; it sounds like your source did not provide good, fresh roots. Did the root look dried out when you planted it? Has it received any supplemental water? Sun, shade, soil type?

I planted a fair amount of bare root hardy geraniums about a month ago, all from Hallson Gardens in Michigan. All were plump, healthy roots and all are up and growing beautifully.

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I have to agree that your source was probably not the best. Did they have some kind of guarantee? Since you are already into the season, you can keep trying to baby the ones that are growing, but I suspect it may not be worth it. We have, however, in a lot of the country, had very mild springtime (wintry) temperatures, which can also cause them to grow slowly.
You might think about getting already growing plants instead and then propagating your own cuttings? I've had exceptional service and products from this place. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: geraniums

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Thanks for the replies. I ordered them from bulbsdirect. None were the same size. I soaked them as instructed before I planted them. They have recieved plenty of water and it has been pretty warm here for a while. I have emailed the company because I was concerned about how they looked and have not recieved a reply. Never had an issue with them previously.

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ispahan: I looked at Hallson Gardens website. Most of their geraniums are sold out. Very good sign. Thank you.

grandmamaloy: I have looked at gardenharvestsuppy before and they just reminded me that I've looked at a josephine clematis on their website before. I have been telling myself not to purchase any more plants but they may just get some of my money. Thank you.

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If you are dealing with a new nursery, do a web search for 'garden watchdog' a website which has ratings of nurseries submitted by gardeners. It will give you some idea of plant quality and how the staff interacts with customers.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Southern, those roots really don't look good to me at all. What type of geranium were they supposed to be? Next season, do try Hallson Gardens. You will probably be as pleased as I am!

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they are geranium himalayense pink. I took the pic to show them the condition per email. I'm glad I did and I'm not the only one who thinks they look bad.

I will take your advice and may give hallson gardens a try next season if I can find room for more plants. I found out about garden watchdog just recently. I'm very new to gardening and I am definatelly learning alot.

Thanks again.

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