I can hardly wait

andyma_gwApril 19, 2010

My buddy just gave me his Stihl 041 Farmboss. It was the inspiration for me to buy the exact same saw back in 1976. Paul's saw has 150 hrs best guestimate. But the starter is boogered up. Very little grab and the rope doesnt wind up. It hasn't run in 10 yrs. From what little I can turn the crank over, it appears to have great compresh. I have the manual, and have an exploded view with part numbers, Ive had mine all apart about 20 yrs ago when I repaired the housing with aluminum flat stock JB Welded and riveted over the cracked spots. I havent taken it out of the trunk yet. I am gonna pour some Marvel Mystery oil into the plug hole when I get home from work tomorrow. I hope I can get it running. If not, it is a lotta spare parts. I don't have the time to mess with it now, I can hardly wait.

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canguy(British Columbia)

I started my small engine career in a Stihl shop in the mid 70's. The 041 Farm Boss was my favorite model, easy to work on and lots of grunt. Too dang heavy for this old back now.

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It took a coupla fit and trys, but all that was was wrong was that who ever replaced the starter cord didn't tension the recoil spring enough. Once I cleared out the cylinder, and tested for spark, it lit off. The recoil is easier to work on than a B+S recoil. I wound up the spring and held the pulley with a pair of vise grips clamp on the shaft. The FB is a beast. About 15 yrs ago, I started to run just a tank of gas at a time, then quit for the day. The idle is kinda bad, but I think a carb cleaning will sort it out.

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Trimmed an azalea bush with it just now. Started on the second pull and idles fine. Just likes to be run a little. :)

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