Craftsman garage door opener

jpeckelsApril 13, 2008

I have a craftsman garage door opener. All of a sudden none of my car remotes work anymore for opening or closing. The wall unit works and the keyless entry pad both still work fine. The wall unit has a red light that is constantly flashing. It never used to flash it just stayed illuminated but ever since the remotes stopped working the red light started flashing. Any ideas?

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Click the link-
I think there was another person that had a problem with them:-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Ok maybe I have overlooked something in the link but I cant find another situation like this one except the one I have. I have to reset/reprogram my remotes about once a week because of this same issue except I dont have the keypad module. Are there any resolutions?

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Ok so I have been checking back here every once in a while and cant seem to get any response to this issue so I am moving it to the top to get more notice. Lots of small gear problems and motion sensor issues but nothing like this one yet. Anyone help with the remote issue and the blinking light on the corded wall mount???

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My wall unit has a lock feature. When it is active, the remotes will not work but the wall unit and outdoor unit will open and close the door. To activate, I press and hold the small button on the wall unit for 2 or more seconds. To deactivate, repeat the 2-second hold. When locked, the wall unit light flashes. No flashing when de-activated.

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fruitjarfla, looks like you "nailed it" I wait for the happy reply.

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Fruitjarfla and Jerry; thanks for the reply. That sounds good but I don't have the extra buttons on my wall mount, only one. Also no motion sensors at the bottom of the door. So if there is a lock feature what is causing it? I would understand if I has the three button wall mount and was hitting the wrong button.

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Try another. Your system appears a little older than my current and last one. My current ceiling unit has an SRT (learn) button on the control panel that is used in conjuction with the remote. So if yours has such a thing and in order to use it you will have to remove a panel or other kind of protector. Here's how my remote gets programmed to match the sensor. With the door closed, press and hold the remote button. Then press and release the SRT button. The indicator light on the ceiling unit panel will begin to blink and the opener light will flash once. Release the remote button. Then test the remote to see it the door opens. If the door does not open, repeat the process to make sure that the process was followed. Mine has a wire that hangs below the ceiling unit to detect the remote signal. Check to see that it appears to be connected okay.

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I haven't had any issues with the programming of the remotes. I push and hold the learn button on the opener and then push the button on the remote. The light blinks once and the remote works.

My issue is that I have to do this about every week or two. I can't attribute this to any special day, time or event either.

When I look at the wall mounted/wired remote (which always works)the light is blinking. When this occurs none of the remotes will work until I reprogram them.

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Liftmaster that may have made the Craftsman opener has a web site where you can ask a question. Chamberlain may have made the remotes. Click on the Customer Assistance tab on the left. You will probably have to include the model numbers of the ceiling unit and remotes. Some situations that may cause your problem: RF or radio interference, location of the wall switch too close to electric wires in the wall, TV cable, surge protectors (I have one that my ceiling unit plugs into), battery charging devices on the same circuit, timers such as on sprinkler systems, alarm systems, etc. The circuit board and the memory that keeps the remote codes may be starting to fail. If you have a Sears store nearby suggest taking the remotes there and present the problem. Call before you visit to see if there is a sales person who is somewhat familiar with the openers. Also check the local telephone directory to see if there is a Liftmaster or Chamberlain vendor nearby.

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I bought a 1/2 HP in 93 with two of the SRT remotes.

Finally, I found a craftsman remote where you merely set the code by setting the numbers by turning the tiny wheels inside. The remote is a model number 139.53778. I do not know if they are still sold?

In 15 years, I have had the motor rebuilt once on site.

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I'm having the very same problem that you discribe with the blinking wall switch. Did you ever find the cause or a solution? Thanks.

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littlebear12, This post is almost 2 years old. Unlikely that they will check it out. Anyway, my opinion is chunk the Sears garage door opener. They are the junkiest most unreliable pieces of crud on the market. There are more posts on this forum about them than anything else by far. Get a Genie and be done with it. Otherwise you will be fixing on that thing forever. If you just have to fix it they can be repaired temporarily.... Search this forum. The problem has been addressed dozens of times among the many other problems with them and the answers are all over the forum.

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