Hardiness of Teas in Zone 7 or Colder

claire25(7)April 28, 2012

Hi all,

I am wondering on the advisability of growing a tea rose in a container outdoors in zone 7. The rose in question is 'Arcadia Louisiana Tea'. I would be growing it in a half-whiskey-barrel in a sheltered location (south-east side of my house, at the edge of an asphalt driveway).

I've heard that container growing roses requires one to subtract an additional zone of hardiness, and since I understand most teas to only be hardy to zone 7 I think it might get too cold here for it. But, I wonder if it might be hardier than I think? Plus, I could always wheel it into the garage (which it would be right next to) if temps got really bitter (sub-freezing). I would greatly appreciate any comments--I love this rose, but I am rapidly running out of rose-friendly real estate in my yard, in-ground.


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buford(7 NE GA)

I have it and I'm in zone 7. It doesn't get any real winter damage.

However, this rose may be SP this year. As DH said, it should be named Miss Molly because it sure likes to ball. half of the blooms are moldy and never open. I'd rethink it.

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Hmm...thanks for the tip!! I've never grown a tea before and thought this one would be a lovely one to try. Can you recommend one for me that might do better? I'm most interested in fragrance, but I actually really like the "droopy" look a lot of teas have, too. :)


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Mrs BR Cant, Georgetown Tea, Duchess de Brabant, Safrano, Lady Hillingdon, Mme Berkeley and many others can be grown w/o much problems in MD (zone 6b) based on my personal experience. Cochet family Teas did not do well for me. All Teas get BS here much more than when they are grown in warmer climates. So don't expect them to be healthy w/o spraying. Otherwise they are great. My Mrs BR Cant is probaby 8x8 feet now and LH was even bigger before RRD got it.

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Thank you very much Olga. I will check those out, and I appreciate the blackspot warning, too. :)

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