Bloodroot again

mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)May 22, 2011

Remember my recent bloodroot post - the one about what the heck happened to them, they didn't return?

Well, today I was out there digging some holes to plant Anemone sylvestris (to fill in the empty space left by the bloodroot) and what do I find? Yep - bloodroot rhizomes. There's no mistaking them - they're orangey-red on the inside. So that kills the theory that the voles got to them.

Now, these rhizomes had no roots and no buds, but they were plump and moist - what gives with that?!

Eh, I replanted them - I already chalked them up as a loss so figure hey if they ever do grow again it'll be a nice surprise :0)

I sure hope my other drifts don't pull the magical disappearing act, I really do love me some bloodroot.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Mine that I planted last year haven't come up either. Maybe I will look to see if the rhizomes are still there.

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I saw your earlier post and realized that an old established clump of mine also had not emerged.
But it did finally emerge, several weeks after bloodroot in other spots had finished blooming.
Is it possible that yours came up and bloomed and is already dormant again?

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Nope, it's directly in front of the picture window - I definitely would have seen it.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

That is really weird. Maybe I'll start rooting around in the area of the big clumps that I lost this year to see what I find.

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The third time was the charm. I finally got some to winter over. Not only that but I think there are 2 dozen babies. What do the seedlings look like? Like a tiny lily pad? Should I just let them mature in place and move them this fall or next spring when they've got bigger root systems? (I'd only move a few because they are right on top of each other.) I don't want to pot them up now, because I'm not good at keeping on top of watering little pots, and they're going to go dormant soon enough. I just need to put a tag there to remind myself there's not really an empty space to stuff something else.

Sorry, I hijacked this thread. Please excuse.


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