Anyone own the new DeWalt pressure washers?

fatso(z5 OH)April 24, 2006

Has anyone used one of the Dewalt pressure washers that they sell at Home Depot for around $700 (model DP2800)? Has a Cat pump and a Honda GX engine. They seem very nice. If you own one, I was wondering how well the hose resists kinking, and just your general impressions of its usability.

One bonus of Dewalt over other brands is that they have competent cusotmer support and what seems like good authorized repair shops, so I'm curious...

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We have one at work, seems to be a pretty good pressure washer. I personally have not used it, but the maintenance people that do seem to like it. I have an excel that uses the same engine and pump, its a good one as well. It was around 700 also, though I got it for 450 as it was a return. I guess someone only wanted a "rental" as there was nothing wrong with it. Our DeWalt at work has a Subaru engine. I didn't know Subaru made small engines, looks very similar to the Honda GX series. Seems just as quiet and dependable as the Honda from what I have seen.

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I just bought the dp2800 from Home Depot this evening and I'll use it for the first time tomorrow morning. $700 about made my girlfriend flip out, lol. I like tools that are designed to be maintained instead of thrown away. I just wish they'd use a cheap little computer, fuel injection, and sensors like modern automobiles. It would be alot cheaper, better for the environmet and more adaptable. I'd like to be able to run on ethanol without having to adjust/replace a primitive carburettor.

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castoff(Z5 Ontario)

Subaru engines have been around for a long, long time and are commonly known as "Robin" engines.

As for computer-controlled injection; all that would do is drive up the price of the product, make it far more complicated and expensive to repair and serve very little in useful purpose. The MAJORITY of people who buy these low-cost PW's only use them a few hours per season. Companies that have serious equipment to clean up, don't waste time with cold-water PW's. They spend five grand to buy hot water PW's and those are mostly powered entirely by electricity because electricity is needed for the combustion process anyway.

Be careful of what you wish for because you just might not like it once you have it.

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I have a DP 2800 and it's great, however it has started surging when I'm not on the trigger because the throttle linkage starts to bounce, the more it bounces the worse it gets to the point that it starts to stall and eventually stops running is if it were running out of gas. Frustrating when on a tall ladder. Any suggestions?

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I have a 3100? I bought it for the pump and the engine. The hose and lance are questionable and as soon as one quits, they both will go. I do like it. You can't beat cat pumps.


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$700? We got ours for $500 it's not a DeWalt, but it gets the job done. I know of a place where you can get Home Depot Coupons and maybe you'll be able to get a discount on your Pressure Washer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot Coupons

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I just purchased the Dewalt DPH-3800 with a 13hp Honda and CAT 67DX39 pump but have yet to use it. Although CAT makes a good pump, I have reservations about this specific pump because DeWalt is the only company using it which makes me believe it was cheapened to meet a certain price point. The CAT 66DX40 pump is a real workhorse which I have never had a problem with. I have been unable to get any info from CAT regarding this other pump or the differences between the two. The only reason I bought the DeWalt was it was marked down to $600 (from $1000) and was a real bargain....pricewise (and had a 13hp Honda and CAT pump.) Otherwise, I would have purchased a BE PW for $929 + shipping which has the 13hp Honda and CAT 66DX40 pump. I guess if it fails after the two year warranty expires and can't be rebuilt, the $400 savings will allow me to purchase a better pump.

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