Help! Black spots on Weeping Willow

witte73August 27, 2007

I have 10 acres where we planted a couple weeping willows this spring and just today noticed black spots all over the leaves of both trees. I assume it's a treatable fungal disease and I'm thinking I should simply spray with a fungicide. Anybody recognize this and think differently?

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Not sure what the causative organism is, but it is very common, and fairly harmless - not worth treating.


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I know that this was posted quite a while back but I was just wondering if you figured out what the black spots are and what you did about it. My willow has the same problem and I am not sure what to do.

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I also have about 5 weeping willows with this issue and I would like to know what to do.. if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.. thanks

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

The damage is more cosmetic than anything else. Like Resin says, "Not worth treating'.
Willows have their problems. Correct pruning is very important.

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