Chainsaw flooding

molly3553May 5, 2014

I have an MS361 Stihl saw, it was over running so I took the carb off to clean it out and after re fitting, the saw will run for a few seconds then flood. If the saw is then left switched off it will continue to suck the fuel out of the tank till dry filling up the engine then running out of the exhaust. I must have altered something in the carb, it has a new tank filter and I have set carb to factory setting. If I leave this saw for a day it will suck the tank dry and I have to tip the saw upside down for the fuel to run out of the exhaust, plug hole etc. If I turn the saw upside down shortly after fuelling it, fuel will run out of the carb and air filter. I am going mad trying to work out what I have done, any suggestions???

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My guess probably the needle or seat or needle not seating allowing the fuel to siphon. awful easy to misalign the seat or spring trying to get the tiny screw started and every thing down correctly.

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Finally sorted, drove me mad when it would suck the tank dry even without a carb fitted. Very slight cracks in tank to carb pipe. Must have finally cracked when I took the carb off first time . All good now, thanks.

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