Looking for advice on John Deere X320

smc326skiMarch 4, 2010

I've been reviewing the info on this forum and now seek some advice. I'm in the market for a new riding mower.

I mow about 1 acre with some rough terrain and hills. I pull a cart to haul mulch, sticks, logs, rocks, dirt, etc. About 3 times a year I mow my woods (widely spaced trees with light weeds-no heavy brush). In the fall, I need to be able to mulch and then pick up leaves as I have lots of trees.

Will the X320 with the power flow bagger meet my needs? Is this bagging system easy to take on and off as I would likely only use it during fall? I am considering new because of the 4 yr warranty. I had a bad season last year with a 6 year old Husqvarna mower from Lowes and am looking for longer life and reliability.

I was considering the X300R with the rear discharge too but am worried that it may not be powerful enough and I do prefer a 48" deck.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated as I can tell there is a wealth of experience here.

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It is time to really determine what are the more important factors in choosing a tractor. If you bought a 2 blade deck such as a 42", baggers are easy on and off. The powerflow does an ok job, but as an occasional thing I'd personally get the size deck I'd want and a sweeper to remove the leaves if you felt you needed to. A woods should really have the leaves left in place.

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Mowing the acreage will not be a problem for that machine, however, hauling rocks and logs may be too much for a lawn tractor type transmission. You may want to step up to a full garden tractor for longevity.

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I just purchased an X320 today to replace my X304. My 304 was a 2007, so it had the K58 tranny, the newer ones use K46. The deck on the X304 sucked. I could never get it adjusted correctly, it was also paper thin. The X320 deck has pin and cotter casters which are much easier than unbolting the wheels to adjust. The extra 5HP, 22 inch rear wheels and K58 Tuff Torq make it a no-brainer. I have a fairly small lawn with a wickedly steep walkout. I killed 2 LT trannys pulling a 40inch plugger. The X304 was fine but that was with the K58. The x300 and X304 use the K46, won't work for what your using it for. You don't need anything bigger than the X320 unless you're going to use ground engaging attachments.

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I will tell you what I told the others looking into the x series that I got the x320 for the better tranny since the x300 has a k46 and the x320 has a k58. I pull a 850lb yard roller like it's not even there and have 3.5 acres of inclines and hills. I weigh 240lbs the tractor weighs 598lbs and I have 90lbs of "rim guard" in the rear tires and it still pulls the 850lb yard roller like it's not even there and the dealer or "dealers" tell me not to pull more than the tractor+rider+weights is the general rule.

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My x320 runs good for 30 minutes but then it boggs down while the blades are engaged. The blades slow down and the engine slows. If I disengage the blades the engine runs just fine. The belts seem to be fine and not loose.

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