Advice on buying a gas pole tree trimmer

alanis(Z4 IA)May 10, 2010

Any suggestions on what to buy? Renting would cost too much, as we have a lot of trees to prune!!

Can't do a lot of searches online, I have limited bandwidth in the country and videos are out of the question!


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Get the true pole saw from Echo. Echo have the longest pole. Don't get those PAS multi tool stuff. They are not as long. Get the longest one you can. Anything short would be just as easy to use manuel pole saw to cut.

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I know you don't want to do much searching but I found a great unit on ebay from a vendor there. It has a 37cc engine, auto oiler for the 12" Oregon bar/chain. I'm sure it is Chinese but it runs like a top. Actually I used it today on a couple trees in my yard. I just dumped some fresh fuel mix in it and it cranked up and ran great after sitting (empty) for six months. I drained the fuel and ran it dry after my last use. I have an extension length that came with it which I can put on it for high reach but today I didn't need to use the extra extender.

If you can manage a little search time it could get you a nice pole saw for a lot less then the Echo. I wanted an Echo or a Stihl but I just couldn't justify the cost since I only need the thing a few times a year. The one I got from ebay is a way better pole saw then I was expecting and I couldn't be more pleased.

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What brand, how long can it extend? You bought it new, how much? Can you give me more info. I am interested also. I cannot justify spending money on the Echo for the amount of cutting I have but I really need one.

I have seen in OSH a Remingtion electric pole saw that extend to 12' which is not 17' pr 18' like the Echo but it is only $79.

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canguy(British Columbia)

How many trees? IMHO you are wasting hard earned money with the cheap versions. They do not stand up to much use, especially the electrics. How often do you prune, once or twice a year? Renting a quality unit vs buying a light duty throw away might make more sense for a small area. Invest in a good one such as Echo, Stihl, Husqvarna, Shindaiwa for large jobs, it will pay off.

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youngman, I went out and looked at the pole saw. It says Maxtra on it for the name. It is seven feet long without the extension installed. The extension adds about another four feet. I usually use it without the extension but have used it with it at full reach. The powerhead on it reminds me of the one on my Echo SRM-2601 trimmer. The choke and purge bulb are in the same place.

This thing has plenty of power and has been reliable for the couple years I've owned it. I can't remember how much I paid for it but think I might have paid as much as 175.00 including the shipping. For me it was a good buy though I do not argue with those that say you should only buy the higher priced and quality tools.

I feel this thing will serve me well for a long time. The engine runs very well. Starts and idles perfectly and the auto oiler is adjustable but I have left it set at default because the chain stays nice and wet. I have not had to sharpen the chain yet but I am careful not to force the cut. I let it "fall" through at it's own pace.

Some time in this fall I am going to give this thing a real challenge because I'm going to be topping a couple large seagrape trees. I have a large solar power system and these trees are giving me some early morning shade until about 9:15 am and that simply wont do! LOL

If I have any problems with the saw I will update you all here on the forum.

My pole saw, Echo CS-370, and my faithful Troy-Bilt Super Tomahawk are going to be having a tree eating party! Oh doG, how I love my toys!

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I can't find on ebay. This is the only one I found but it is only 7 ft.

The Poulen Pro is $199 and is 12 feet.

To Canguy

I know what you mean about not buying cheap stuff. I usually are pretty fancy about my equipment. But the problem is I only use the saw once a year. It is very hard to justify buying the Echo for over $500. I am seriously considering the electric one. They should be very reliable, just inconvient with the power cord.

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youngman, I did an ebay search too and found what you did. The one I bought is not listed now. It is not as long as you wanted anyway but I like it very much and feel lucky to have found it when I did.

I also feel that a good electric one would have been good for me since I now have a huge solar power system (I didn't have that when I bought my pole saw) that produces much more electricity then my home uses.

I'm considering electric (battery) lawn mowers now but have decided to not hurry because they are getting better with time and my Toro still runs OK. The same with electric cars. It would be cool to plug in and drive for free but I think I will let them improve them for a while and then buy one.

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You lucky!!!

I checked, actually my Shindaiwa has a 9' pole attachment that give me 12' total, the problem is it is one piece, not like what you have that have extension so you can make it shorter if needed. Does not help it is over $200 for that also.

I am a little worry about the electric one because the motor is with the saw that make the top very heavy and I aftaid it is going to be hard to control when I extend it in full length.

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I'm sure that you are right about the extra weight way out on the end of the pole. I usually use my saw without the extension except when I really have to reach high. It is much easier to handle the saw without the extension in length. To add the motor weight up where the saw bar is would make it a bear.

I wonder if they could make one with the electric motor on the end where the powerhead is on the gas ones? That would make a good counter weight and make the tool less awkward to use.

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