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medusa_(7MD)May 20, 2007

I do more and more of the yard work every year and I'm tired of having great difficulty using the pull starters (I'm little!) Any way, does anyone have recommendations? I know I can buy an electric start lawn mower and I probably will, but what about a weed whacker? I used to have an electric one but that's just no good for a couple of acres. Is there such a thing as electric start for those as well? Or is there something I can do to a pull start to make it go a lot easier?

Thanks ahead for the comments!

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canguy(British Columbia)

Do you have a Stihl dealer nearby? Have them show you the FS45C trimmer. The head is easy to reload too.

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castoff(Z5 Ontario)

Line trimmers don't come with electric start but they can come with a wind up starter. Stihl makes three models with "spring assist starting". Those models all have "CE" as a suffix. Use the link below and click on trimmers, then select models with the CE suffix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stihl

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Echo also has a feature that the call the i75 starting feature which is the same as the Stihl.

I bought the Echo SRM210 and added the i75 starting feature for my wife. She hated our old Craftsman trimmer and would not use it due to how hard was to start.

I had my grandfather with Parkinsons, and is very weak, start my trimmer and he could without any issue.

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Thank you very much for the replies. I will look into those pronto!

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I had a problem starting a few of my tools after some surgery. I was thinking of tidying my solution up a bit and making into a product that could be powered either from a battery drill or battery chainsaw. I would be interested in comments.
Cut and paste these links to your browser for a view.
Battery Drill Unit :
Battery Chainsaw unit :

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I think it you investigate you will find many of the manufacturers of trimmer, blowers, etc. have a model that can be started electrically. This does not mean you push a button and they start. Like the Cub Cadet, there is a place on the motor shaft that you can place an electrical drill like attachment that will spin the engine to start it.

Larger equipment like some walk behind mowers, ridding mowers, and yard tractors come with a starter motor.

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My Murray Easy Spin Mower, Echo SMR210 Trimmer and Weed Eater Blower ended my complaints about hard or excessive pulls to start. My âÂÂOldâ Poulan S25 Chainsaws are different due to no primer bulb. You pull to prime vs pushing a primer bulb which adds 2-3 pulls. I have learned if my best equipment does not start or pop 1st to 2nd pull itâÂÂs usually a maintenance issue (bad untreated fuel, fouled plug, bad air filter and Etc. The Bottom Line is that I have found lack of maintenance is possibly the hard start problem on newer Medium Grade Equipment. Such as, I can start the maintained/tuned equipment with either arm/hand with slower pulls vs all at one point needed the right arm/hand with a swift pull.

Good Maintenance will be needed with Electrical or Mechanical Starts. Good Luck!

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If I have hard starting equipment (have one that was that way from the start new) I prime it before I crank it. Fires on the first or second pull every time.

You just have to figure out how long (second or two) to squirt the carb. cleaner down the carb throat. IMO I get extra benefit? cleaning action before every start beings I am using the carb. cleaner for priming.

IMO anytime you let equipment set for couple weeks, store it for months, or have old equipment that don't have the fuel enrichment button (primer button) unless you like pulling and pulling this may work for you it you can master the technique and not flood it.

My hard starting unit over 8 years old has 350 hrs on it and still has the compression it had when new, so talk to the hand about this procedure will ruin it?

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