Is there a better white rose than Pope John Paul II ?

aggieroseApril 4, 2008

I have room right now for one more rose and since I don't have a white one yet, that is what I am going for. I decided to order PJP, but I just want to confirm my decision! The rose MUST be intensely fragrant and have great blooms for cutting! It will be certain death in my garden if it doesn't have a great scent as I will sp it! Are there any other whites I should look at before I place my order?

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

Yes, Claire Austin.

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Morden man...I didn't think claire austin was available yet. Do you know where to buy one? HMF doesn't have any supplier listed either.

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and neither does her father

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chuck_billie(7/8 PNW)

Full Sail and JFK come to mind.

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Here is what our local nursery says about PJPII
"Pope John Paul II - White. Good size, form and strong citrus fragrance. Grows 5Â tall. We expect MR=A This is the son of Secret. (jp)"

The other parent is Fragrant Lace according to HMF. It's growing in my garden this year.

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I don't grow it but think the ones I've encountered are amazing.


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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)


Alas no, Claire Austin is not yet available in North America, at least not that I am aware of... The minute it does become avalable, I shall be purchasing one.

I saw several specimens in DA's gardens this past June and it is a truly outstanding rose. I am very excited to acquire at least one. Was also one of a small group of roses that was completely untouched by BS at time of visit. The blooms are large and the fragrance is very strong and sweet.

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caroleintegacay(SC/Zone 8)

I love my PJPII! I bought it last year and it performed beautifully! It is a healthy, happy plant with big white flowers that smell truly citusy. The only problem I did have with it was that the thrips liked it.


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I ordered my First PJP this year through Regan's. It was quite small with thin canes. I should have ordred direct from JP. The first blooms were a bit deformed, but the last few have been much better. I wish they took longer to open fully and lasted longer.

I also ordered an "Anastasia" which I'm liking a bit more than the PJP.

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I keep hearing fantastic things about PJP, but how does it compare to other whites? I've been searching for a white to add, and I was trying to decide between Full Sail, JFK, Honor, Moondance, Lime Sublime, and Queen Mary II. Now I'm totally confused by the rave reviews of PJP. Can anyone provide some insight on these roses? Many of them are not often mentioned.

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I have heard very bad things about JFK...I don't suggest it.

Honor and Full sail get brown spots when it rains.

Moondance is good. I have this one and like it but I have read on here that PJP is much better. People on here who have both prefer PJP. I got it new this year and it has just finished leafing out so no personal experience on that one yet.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

JFK was a horror show for me. I was happy when Dr. Huey suckered and took it over.

I don't know if my Lime Sublime is still alive. It was one of the children of nursery pots. I think it might be gone now. It isn't white, is is yellow with a greenish tinge.

My PJPII is own-root and still small. I hope it takes off this year (2nd full season, I received it in the fall of 2006).

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Is Claire Austin white???
Seems like everyone wants Pope John Paul II lately.


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Full Sail is a very aromic rose. The only thing is, seems the JB,s love it!

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Don't get John F. Kennedy! I once grew it in zone 7b VA and was very disappointed with the performance. Yes the flowers were very handsome with their high centers and strong fragrance but the plant itself was stingy in producing them. Disease resistance was poor as well. This rose was a lot of work for very little gain.

FRENCH LACE is my favorite white rose among the Floribunda, Grandiflora, and Hybrid Tea classes. Give it the same care you would a Hybrid Tea (including spraying and feeding) and it will reward your effort with sprays and sprays of breathtakingly beautiful, blush-white flowers. The petals have a translucency that must be seen to be believed. To me the blooms have an almost porcelain like quality. The moderate "fresh" fragrance smells just like carnations and perfectly matches the delicacy of the flowers.

I've also heard good things about Crystalline, Full Sail and White Lightnin.

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kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)

I have the Austin Winchester cathedral and is awesome!!Anyone have this too?

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Bolero (Romantica) is nice.

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tinyrose(Santa Barbara 10)

I rarely weigh in on posts, but I have experience with many white roses. The woman who is currently designing my new rose garden is putting in 25 PJP. She runs a huge rose farm with 18,000 roses. Her #1 pick for a white rose for cutting and smell was PJP. I ran to the nursery to get a look at him. He is the most amazing white rose with a breathtaking smell. I am in love!

I don't want to spray very often so my main request was disease resistance. PJP she said would be totally disease free in my garden.

Here is my experience with whites:

Honor- Good white rose, but Paul definitely beats it for fragrance

Winchester Cathedral - beautiful large bush, too much mildew for my no spray garden. I think it would be perfect if you sprayed.

Bolero - covered in mildew. I live near the ocean

Full Sail - opened really fast

Lime Sublime - extremely disease resistant, but is greenish yellowish white in my climate

Queen Mary - I am testing now. Looks good so far

Classic Woman - New white Romantica. Testing now. Amazing. Looks like a white Yves Piaget

You have made the right choice with PJP. I can't wait to get mine planted!

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I'm glad you started this post, aggierose! :0)
We have had Winchester Cathedral for about 6 years, and each year it seems nicer. But we do spray for disease here.

Ditto on the reputations of JFK being lousy, and White Lightnin' and Full Sail being good, solid whites. We had Margaret Merrill. It was nice, but thrips made it a disaster. I gave it away!

The other day I stopped by a local nursery who had just put out their J & P boxed roses. PJP was one of them, and I remembered reading here that everybody seemed to rave about it. Think I'll pick one up before they are gone! Nothing else there seemed to interest me too much.

:0) Phyl

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sue_ct(z6 CT)

How does PJP compare to Maria Shriver? I got one PJP late last year and never got it into the ground, it died over the winter in a pot outside. I really did not get enough experience with it to evaluate it. Maria has survived the last 2 winters with no protection in z6, but Vetrans Honor and Firefighter did not survive in the same garden. Maria is hardy for me but turns brown more easily than I would like, esp in a garden that is very visible and needs to look good. Before I add several PJP to my order, does it do OK below zone 7-8 and in a southern exposure garden, and not turn brown with a little bit of rain? I need replacements for a southern exposure garden of red and white roses. I really need more hardy whites that won't turn brown and reds that won't burn, and scent is a must. Cutting is preferable, also, as is good repeat. But surviving the winter, scent, and not turning brown or burning are most important. I was just wondering if PJP is what I am looking for also.


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jont1(Midwest 5b/6a)

PJPII is the best white hybrid tea I have ever grown. I planted two of them last year and was delighted every single day by them.
The bush is lush and healthy and grows super vigorously. It produces large ice white perfectly formed and super fragrant blooms. My two also overwintered extremely well with no protection at all.
This is a GREAT rose for your HT garden.

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sue_ct(z6 CT)

Thank you very much for replying. Sorry if I hijacked the thread a bit, but I thought we were looking for a similar rose. :)


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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Before deciding on Winchester Cathedral, smell it. Some folks love it, others are revulsed. The local nursery had WC but the blooms smelled like dirty diapers to me so I didn't buy it.

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

There are a lot of great whites, but not many with the bloom form of PJP.

One thing to keep in mind is that PJP hasn't been in commerce that long... so not as many people are growing it that can see it at it's mature state and be able to remark if there is a better white HT out there yet

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Haven't read all the posts - but even after having some beautiful/reliable - very fragrant champs in our little Rose Garden - such as Double Delight, Mr. Lincoln, Oklahoma, yada yada - the second year of Pope John Paul II saw it just explode - with over 50 flowers at times.

And just love the citrus/lemony fragrance.

It works great here in San Diego, 4 sure. :)

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