Craftsman power washer won't stay running

pdog(NJ)May 31, 2008

I borrowed my father's Craftsman Power Washer (model#580.752410). It starts up just fine, I let it run for a minute or so on high. When I hit the trigger to spray, the motor bogs really bad and after 5 secs or so cuts out. Any ideas? I checked the inlet hose and screen and they are not kinked or dirty.

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Sounds like a dirty carburetor!
If you can clean it out, do it. If not mechanically inclined, take it to a repairman.
there are tricks to carb cleaning, although a few squirts of carburetor cleaner in under the air filter might help. I not, then seek professional help!

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It is a start. Thanks!

I will try again tomorrow. I have some carb cleaner in the garage.

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If it runs fine on high then its not the carb. Take the hose off and make sure everything is clear. Also adjust the pump unloader and see if that helps.

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The inlet screen was clear, that is the first thing I checked. Any advice on how about you adjust the pump unloader? I do not really know much about these things.

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