sterile foxgloves

Campanula UK Z8May 2, 2013

Anyone growing either the new(ish) digitalis x isoplexis cross or the Polly/Pippa/Princess perennial foxgloves - particularly interested in length of blooming, number of smaller spikes, general health and vigour?
How about the Dalmation series - shorter, perennial foxgloves in cream, purple, white, peach. Are they very similar to the Camelot series?

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Hi Campanula,

I was hoping someone would be able to answer this for you. It seems many of these newer foxgloves are not yet available across the pond. 'Goldcrest' is just starting to show up in nurseries and the few blooms I have seen look charming. I am tempted to try it but I was hoping others would chime in with the experiences with these plants.

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

I had 'Goldcrest' in my garden for several years -- it was okay...

My guess is that we'll start to see the new Digiplexis Illumination plants later this year.

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I planted "Polkadot Princess" last year. They weren't as tall as Excelsiors, but did put up bloom stalks throughout the summer. All bloom stalks after the initial bloom were much, much shorter.

Most plants made it though the winter, and it looks like each plant now has several new crowns around the base of last year's rosette (which is now dead). At the moment, it looks like they won't be blooming with the rest of the digitalis in the garden, but I'll have to wait until the digitalis are in bloom to be sure of "who's who."

I want to see what they do this year before I form an opinion. My guess is that they'll have a place in my garden, but it won't be the same place that the tall spires of the Excelsiors will. OTOH, I haven't found a spot in my garden where I can consistently grow the Excelsiors, so the vigor of the sterile foxgloves might count for a lot.

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