Sears transaxle problem

molerj(6)March 28, 2011

Craftsman 917.276051 6 speed manual transaxle pn 184956 Tag shows Serial 15896

Type 184955

Transaxle pulley pn 184787 was spinning on input shaft. Found input shaft to have a flat spot on one side. Pulley is completely round inside. The IPL shows a woodruff key but there is no sign of a keyway that a woodruff key would have fit in. Looks as though the input shaft pn 184788 will need replaced also. I'm looking for help in splitting the case. Does anyone here have any experience in taking one of these transaxles apart? Is there a manual available that would show the proper procedure for r & r of the input shaft? I don't want to open things up and have gears, thrust washers & who knows what else falling out. Also, I just found out that other parts places supercede the 184787 to 188670 which is called a pulley kit. I'm told that kit includes the input shaft. So it makes me think they have had problems with this in the past.

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I bought a Craftsman tractor with the same problem, caused mainly by not stopping to shift gears. It seems it is the same model as yours. a six speed. I'm waiting to see who has sucessfully repaired one of them. I only have $50 in it, and the engine is fine. Waiting----
Rusty Jones

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Since you really have nothing to lose, can you weld the pulley to the shaft?

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Job done. Removed transaxle, not a bad job, but I have a lift table, air ratchets etc. I put the right wheel back on & stood the transaxle on the side on the wheel. Removed bolts & lifted the one half of the case straight up. All gears stayed intact. I was able to remove input shaft without removing any other gears. Cleaned old sealent & reapplied RTV. Put all back together & reinstalled. It was alot harder to reinstall than it was to remove. The kit I mentioned includes new pulley, input shaft, washer & snap ring. I have several pics if anyone would like to see, but I don't see a way to attach them to this message.

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The link below was posted by wally2q in '07 and still works.
I have also seen members include clickable links, or copy and paste links to their photos in various threads using other web host sites. Those work OK but require the viewer to redirect to another website to view the pics.

wally2q's instructions will permit the photos to be shown in a post without the viewer having to do anything extra.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your basic picture posting primer

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