ReRoof nails in yard, Magnetic Sweeper?

mikie_gwMay 5, 2006

Hi all,

Just had a new roof put on. Complete redu, asphalt shingle tear off... some nails most certainly found their way into the yard that I would love to try to get picked up or my little yahoo riding mower is probably going to find each and every one this summer - Flat Tires!. St Augustine lawn and some oak leaves.

Before I run out and see if I can find one - Has anyone used one of these 'Magnetic Sweeps' in the yard ?...

I've hand picked and have been raking, and continually finding one or two each time I walk around. Tips or any other lazy suggestions that would be cool too.

Thanks .

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bbriggs(z5 IA)

I used one after my re-roof last year, picked up a heck of a lot of nails doing FAR better than I could do by hand. A great tool IMHO. No lawn mower flats yet, though the mere comment should bring one on.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

The roofing company should accept the responsibility of these nails which they pulled, right ?
They do charge a lot of money for this procedure, do they not ??
Or is this one of these lowest possible estimate deals, where the costs are cut to the bone and beyond....

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Back in my younger days when i did a lot of roofing. Cleaning up the job site, including picking up nails was all part of the job. Instead of waiting until the job was finished, we had a helper sweep around the house before we would quit for the day.

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bbriggs(z5 IA)

Some roofers may do a great job picking up their waste, but I know not all do. They are not the ones who deal with the flat tires later on, and even if we try to get the roofers to 'make it right' there is no way to recover the hours one would lose having to repair such damage. I used the magnetic sweeper provided by the roofer. Maybe they would have been thorough, maybe not. I, on the other hand.... My advice is to try to find one and sweep yourself, but if it's been awhile since the roof job the nails may be embedded in vegetation and troublesome to dislodge.

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They did clean up everyday before leaving - from appearances, they cleaned well. 4-days worth. But there were still nails.

Hardware store had an about 4" round magnet that attaches to a broom handle and pivots like a metal detector head, $10 that I took. Been waving it in an arc listening for the clanks picking up a couple of coffee cans of full of nails so far ... almost done the entire yard but on 2nd & third passes still find a half dozen nails in half an hour.

Havent been to homedepot yet.. but if price isnt steep might still buy one of the sweeps, if they have it.

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How about renting a metal detector from the local rental store. You should only need it for a few hours, and it will find everything for you.

Good luck.

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I looked for the sweeper, but only found the 'wand' type.

I also had my roof done recently, and while I didn't go after the 'cut to the bone' deal, any roofer out there just isn't going to catch every last nail. I have a riding mower and don't want flats and/or projectiles while mowing so I felt the investment was worth it. Not to mention, I'll be able to keep it around in the shed for those tiny screws that seem to roll behind the work bench when I in the middle of a project.

If the sweeper was available I definitely would have purchased that model.

-mike s.

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When I had my roof done.The contractor used one and he let me use it to double check and triple check at the end of the day and after the job was complete.They work great just go slow and make several passes.

Later on we tore down an old barn and I asked the roofer contractor if I could use it.I again picked up many nails.

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terran(zone10/Sunset20 CA)

Hi Mikie,

If you do not want to buy, the local rental yard should have a magnetic sweep.


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