Echo SRM 265T

tealmowingMay 4, 2010

I was wandering if anybody else had any experience with the ECHO trimmer SRM 265T. I recently purchased one but was quite disappointed when the motor failed after owning the trimmer for 4 days. Dealer would not fix the unit under warranty (so much for a 5 year warranty). I have owned several light duty trimmers but recently started mowing a couple of neighbors yards along with the yard at church, so I needed something better than a $70 trimmer (at least I thought I did). I guess that I should have continued to buy the $70 ad special trimmer as the $350 ECHO trimmer turned out to be a piece of junk.

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masiman(z7 VA)

What was wrong with the SRM265 engine? What did the dealer say that he would not fix it or that the problem was not under warranty?

The SRM265 is a very reliable and strong trimmer.

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You should not give up, unless you forgot to put oil in the gas, there is no way they can deny warranty. Call Echo direct. Chances is another of those bad dealer that people have been complaining more and more.

Echo is a good brand. 265 is starting to prove itself. We were just talking they hold up very well for 3 years since it call out under continuous commercial use.

If you are really allergic to Echo, don't get a cheap brand, try Shindaiwa, Kawasaki or Husqvarna.

If you want to be cheap, get the Husaqvarna 125L for $199 in Lowes or OSH. Buy from box store, at least you get 30 days return policy, better than those dealers that promise everything and deliver nothing like the one you have.

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Presuming that you didn't straight gas it (and that's a big presumption) about the only way a 4 day old unit would fail is due to a manufacturing defect.

A dealer can tear down the engine and determine if it was straight gased.

If you paid for it with a credit card you can call and dispute the charge with the credit card company, but hurry. Vendors just hate that.

You don't work for an Echo competitor do you?

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I find it curious that the OP never responded.

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masiman(z7 VA)

Yeah, makes me think they ran straight gas and were embarrassed. I'd be embarrassed too. I'm not saying it couldn't happen to me.

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Don't the dealer put in at least half a tankful of gas mix when customer walked out the door?

Isn't it obvious when you look at the color of the gas?

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