sammy zone 7 TulsaMay 15, 2014

I have a rose garden, and love to grow larkspurs with my roses.

My larkspurs come up every year, and they grow wherever they please. A very pretty combination with the roses is to have an area of larkspurs, roses and tiger lilies. But it quickly turns into a weedy mess that I have no control over.

It is difficult to get through to the weeds, and to stoop down through the flowers to pull weeds without hurting the other flowers.

The roses and tiger lilies are stationery, of course. Last year I pulled up a bucket full of larkspurs, and was going to re-plant the seeds where they should go. I never figured out when to plant them, but they are back.

Do any of you grow larkspurs in such a way that you can plan where they go, and how to control them?

I live in Tulsa, OK, and have 130 large rose bushes in many beds. I have cleaned out the grass, and have paths around my rose beds. Larkspurs, Bachelor Buttons, and so many other flowers really reflect well with the roses, and make the garden look pretty.

However, without some control, I have a ragged mess.

I would like any advice you can give me on control, but without using a chemical.


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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I gather seed from my larkspur as the seed heads dry and then sprinkle the seed where I want it to grow in late summer. You could pull the plants as the seeds ripen, and toss the seeds onto the unsettled soil. Trying to avoid stepping on other plants is a challenge. If you can make the beds narrow enough so weeding can be done from the paths, that helps a lot. I only have very limited sun, so I have one giant bed across the entire front of my property. I try to leave "access" spaces between groups of plants. But, the clumps are spreading and the spaces are disappearing. But, that also leaves less room for weeds.


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they are going to reseed where they want. You need to just pull the weeds you do not want and pull the larkspur you do not want>>only way without using chemicals. A long hoe?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Thank you, Martha and Shadyplace. You actually re-seed in late summer? I am not good with seeds, and sort of accidentally started the larkspurs. I need to be more vigilant in the summer, and try to seed them at that time. I did not know that I should plant the seeds in the summer.


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