Vintage Wheeled Garden Waterer

ibuzzard(9)May 20, 2013

I made an 1100 mi. roundtrip from my home in the Santa Cruz Mtns., to Bend Oregon to pick up an unusual tool I purchased. Wish I could post up the photos, but a description will be all I can manage. Ten hours up Friday, ten hours back on Saturday.

It has a wheelbarrow-style , tubular metal frame, with a steel wheel, but in place of the "barrow", there is a large galvanized bucket with a hand operated pump. The galvanized bucket hold in the neighborhood of 20-25 gallons, and it functions well. It is not a home built item, as the cast iron pieces and bucket/ pump assembly are specific purposed items.

We have a large, intensive organic raised bed garden, and our primary in- season form of adding extra nutrients is fish emulsion, mixing it up two gallons at a time in our Haws watering cans, a time consuming process. We believe in using low-tech solutions, appropriate technology so to speak, and this will save us a great deal of time.

Have any of you seen one of these before? I am guessing it to be from the 50's if not earlier. Can you provide photos? The P.O. bought it at the annual auction put on by Small Farmers Journal in Madras Oregon, but did not use it much. It will see much use in our garden for fish emulsion, and applying compost tea, worm casting tea, etc. .I would love to see other examples of these, and get a bit of info on it, like manufacturer, time frame, etc. There had been a label on it before it was re-painted, I am told.Thanks, Steve.

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ibuzzard: Can we help you post a picture?

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I do have three photos, contained in an email from the seller, and will try to get some help from my wife or kids to post them up. Thank you, Steve.

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Never saw one. I wonder why the barrel is set slightly off-center. It looks like you will be lifting most of the 200-or-so pounds (when it's full) in order to push it - and if you're moving through plowed ground, it will sink into the dirt. Good luck.

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My pathways between raised beds are well compacted, so no problem maneuvering through the rows with the full bucket. I have been used to moving full wheelbarrows my entire life, so a can of water, with its' center of gravity much lower, is no problem. My wife moves it easily enough. The bucket is not off center, just a deceptive camera angle.

This tool will greatly reduce the time needed for our periodic fertilizing which we do about every 10-14 days. It works well, just looking for any info on manufacturer, and possibly the approximate age. Thanks.

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Well, I guess that I was thrown off by the left-side handle being curved to fit around the barrel, while the right-side is not. Looks like an ingenuous product, and I hope it fulfills your needs.

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Sure looks home made to me The barrel is a 30 gallon galvy trash barrel. The pipe is prolly 1" ID conduit. The hand pump is a bilge pump clamped into a bracket made of flat stock and bolted to the barrel. The wheel is from some sort of farm implement

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I did find photos of two other ones today when I did a google search, not the same manufacturer, but quite similar. It is not homemade. There are parts that are of cast iron and would fit nothing else. The P.O. Said that there was a brand hame on it prior to them repainting it, but they did not take any photos.

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