Anyone ever use a Barreto Tiller

aesanders(8b Alachua, FL)May 31, 2005

I'm in the market for a new large tiller. Have looked at BCS and they seems well made. Just curious about the Barreto tiller. They seems to be very popluar in the rental industry. I don't really have any other info on them though. Anyone ever use or own one of these beasts.

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windgoingby(SW CA)

Yes, I have used a Barreto tiller MANY times. (along with every other tiller known ...) Barreto is a hydraulic tiller (i.e. not chain or belt). It is truly the best piece of garden equipment you will ever use. The only downside is they are REALLY expensive. I think they run between 4 and 5 thousand dollars. But, believe it or not, if you need it they are worth the extra dollars. The power and ease of use is truly remarkable. There is a reason virtually every rental yard and landscape contractor (on the West Coast)has gone to Barreto - they simply run and run and run. If you need one buy it - you will not be sorry. The other brands are really not comparable. The only other negative I can think of is the weight - these are heavy duty professional machines - you cannot transport it in your car! They are around 600 lbs. and they are big and bulky. Otherwise they are awesome - but do not take my word for it - rent one and see. You will never bend over to pull rootlets out of the tines again - you cannot stop the tines on this machine! I hope that helps!

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aesanders(8b Alachua, FL)

Thanks for the respone. The local rental company near me has about 6 of them. They really do dwarf the Troy Bilt's and even the BCS machines I've seen. The hydraulic drive system looks looks like it is extremly easy to use. I will take your advise and go rent one of these.

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TJG911(z5b CT)

rented 1 once to establish a new garden, 1200 sq ft. i had the excavator dig out the large rocks and i picked up the sod by hand. i rented the tiller. it was a monster! 650 pounds but was so easy to use it was amazing. 13 hp honda engine used hydraulics. i used it for about 6 or 7 hours. initally it was hard to do as the garden was dug up by the excavator and was up 1 hil down the valley of the next. i started at the shallowest depth and went east/west then dropped 1 notch and went north/south. did a fine job. i bet this is a really expensive tiller not for a garden of my size once it's established. if you want to bust new ground short of a small tractor this machine was great. nov 1998 cost $93 or $98 for the day. a bargin!


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There's one on ebay now, starting price $1999!!!

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I have one of these and mine is the 16 HP B&S Vanguard. More power than the Honda and every bit as good. The Vanguard is B&S top of the line. This thing would likely til a blacktop road. It has special tines that are coted in a high nickel metal powder called hardfacing. They use this on oil rig drill bits. Hydraulics tine drive is awesome if you hit big rocks or bricks you won't break a pin or anything. If it is too much it will simply bog the engine but I have pulled out some 50+ lb rocks with it. An incredible machine but more than most would ever need. If you use it though you will never want to go back to anything else.

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I own one of these bad boys ond they will till anything. problem is i hurt my back so can't really use anymore so have to sell looking to get $2600 for it the tiller only has about 16 hours on it. Let me know if anyone is looking for one

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